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Club Line Dances

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With fun Beginner Line Dance Lessons in minutes you will be dancing The Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Two-Step Line Dance, Cotton Eyed Joe, Electric Slide, Tush Push,Cha-Cha Slide, and Footloose along with easy tips for spicing up the dance steps and looking great on the floor.

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Beginner? Never danced before? These Line Dance Lessons were made for you!

Stop wasting your time with the thousands of low-budget and unreliable videos online where you never know if you're doing it right and the instruction leaves you thinking you're just not capable! Shawn Trautman’s Club Line Dances is designed for beginners and maximizes YOUR TIME by teaching 8 of the HOTTEST line dances out there that makes the most complicated steps easy for anyone with clear, step-by-step instructions that work every time!

Line Dancing has never been more fun and this collection of the Hottest Line Dances will surely get you up, moving & learning to line dance like never before! These aren't just any line dances, they're THE Line Dances that are being done at every club, party, wedding, school and social get-together around the world and are a must to know just so you'll be able to keep up with your friends. Unlike any line dance lessons you'll find on Youtube or in any other line dance videos or DVDs, the step-by-step breakdowns and impeccable cueing of each and every movement in the dance will empower you and build your confidence faster than any other method.

Club Line Dances 1 & 2 is full of the best beginner line dances for anyone new to line dancing. In these easy-to-follow lessons, you'll learn to line dance in a fun setting where you get 2 instructors, optimized views, multiple repetitions, clear demonstrations of all the steps and full-length practice songs that are easily accessible. This special edition is full of beginner tips and tricks that will keep you entertained and learning at the same time.
In this one set of line dance video lessons, you'll learn many of today's most popular line dances including the Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Two-Step Line Dance, Cha-Cha Slide,Electric Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe, Footloose, & the Tush Push. In addition, you'll be shown many options where you learn how to make each of the dances your own PLUS you'll get a complete review and walkthrough of each of the dances at the end. Last, you'll get a chance to dance each of the dances with music multiple times, and you'll have a practice section in the videos where you can go directly to the dances as a refresher after you've learned them all.
Included in the Club Line Dances lessons are the following line dances w/full descriptions and plenty of practice time w/music:

  • The Wobble
Cupid Shuffle
  • Two Step Line Dance
  • Footloose
Cha-Cha Slide
Cotton-Eyed Joe
  • Electric Slide
  • Tush Push

If you're looking for a gift to get someone into Line Dancing, these are the perfect dance lessons to start. They're clean, have no profanity, family-friendly, appropriate for all ages, and engaging! They're as applicable for kids wanting to learn line dancing as they are for seniors and both will find them to be exactly what they're looking for.
No matter the situation, Club Line Dances is the perfect choice for anyone new to line dancing.

14 reviews for Club Line Dances

  1. Louis Scarantino (verified owner)

    Great Dance Lesson for Beginner Line Dancers!!!!!

    “I always wanted to learn to Line Dance. I could have taken group lessons at a dance studio in my area but I couldn’t afford them. They offer free lessons at a restaurant in my area once a week. I went once but felt the lesson was too fast paced for someone who needs to learn at their own pace. I decided to take a chance at buying this dance lesson. I learned most of the dances in less than a week. If I wasn’t getting the dance right away, I would rewind or start the instruction over until I got it. I felt it was easy to learn at your own pace with this video. A good feature to it was if you wanted to practice with music to apply what you learned, you could use a separate part of the lesson at a slower or faster speed to apply that. Some line dancers are not as fast as others. Perfect dance lesson for anyone who wants to learn to line dance.”

  2. Travis Milholen (verified owner)

    A Real to Life Instructional Course

    “What a relief to have a real to life dance lesson. I can’t believe that someone cares enough to take the time to slowly go thru the dance steps. Thank you for going over the steps and putting them together. My wife and I are trying to learn to line dance and this video dance lesson is the best thing since sliced bread. We are truly learning. Thank you so much for putting this out. Thank you again.”

  3. Marie (verified owner)

    Club Line Dances 1&2 are a 10

    “More than learning 8 new and exciting dances, it is the confidence I now feel in stepping unto the dance floor now. And, I am finally enjoying dancing instead of always worrying about making a fool of myself. Actually, I am now one of the best Line Dancers in our monthly dances (of about 100 people), and the attention I am now receiving from my improved performance is great. These dance lessons have helped me enjoy Line Dancing as much as I originally thought I would. And, I am truly enjoying myself, and even lost a few pounds in the process, which is a wonderful bonus.”

  4. Helen (verified owner)

    I love these dvds

    “I don’t know what people are complaining about, I think these dance lessons are great. They walk you through the dance slowly then you go through it again a little faster then you try it to music. I know it’s not the original music but I’m pretty sure the licensing for the original is very expensive. I just down loaded the real tunes to my iPhone and when I get the dance steps down I practice to them easy.”

  5. Rperry38 (verified owner)

    Better than attending live classes.

    “Loved the instruction technique and demonstrations. Very easy to follow. Learned much more from the video lessons than from live classes because I could repeat the video as often as I wanted to conform the steps and the sequences to learn the dances. The classes I took covered too much material each week so learning (for me) really required the video dance lessons which I could do. They were very definitive and easy to use.”

  6. GAGIRL02 (verified owner)

    No more watching other people’s feet

    “The reason I purchased the online lessons was I had a function coming up where there was going to be a live band and line dancing. Well, the gala was last night. It was so much fun knowing how to do the dances. In the past I didn’t know what I was doing so I was watching everybody else and trying to keep up, BUT THIS TIME, ha, I was out there doing the Electric Slide like a pro. No more watching other people’s feet. While I didn’t get out on the floor when the Cupid Shuffle came on I knew exactly what they were doing, and the same with the Wobble. I knew who was doing it right and who wasn’t. lol I now want to take lessons to learn how to shag and dance to “beach” music. There was a lot of “beach” music played and believe it or not, disco. In the past I haven’t been out dancing much, but I think that is going to have to change. Thank you again for your lessons.”

  7. Lisa F. Morris (verified owner)

    This product delivers with style and energy!!

    “I told my husband (of 44 years) that I wanted to learn to line dance and he surprised me by getting the Club Line Dances dance lesson. We have a big screen TV in our living room, so we pushed back all of the furniture, hooked up the computer to it, and gave it a try. What a workout!! We have danced our way through the 4 dances and absolutely love it. Shawn’s instruction is so easy to follow and when he started throwing in some fancy steps we weren’t quite up to, we just followed Joanna with the basic steps. The repetition was helpful, showing each move slowly and repeatedly until we got it. Once we had the first set somewhat down, we moved to the collection of full speed steps at the end of the dance lesson. So far we haven’t had the wind to make it all the way through all 5 songs. But we sure do work up a good sweat trying! Thanks, Shawn and Joanna, for a great product. We’re not quite ready to go public yet, but we will. Oh, yes, we will!! We highly recommend these dance lessons for anyone interested in learning to line dance.”

  8. Angi (verified owner)

    Great, step-by-step video for beginners!

    “Great instructional videos. Easy to follow, step-by-step for beginners. I picked up Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide (my favorite) and the Two Step Line Dance quickly enough. Cotton-Eyed Joe and Footloose are proving more of a challenge. But hey, practice, practice, practice. I downloaded the songs to my phone. Once I have the steps down, I mute the instructions and use the music from my phone to find my rhythm (which is usually lost to me), but works pretty well.”

  9. Alanna (verified owner)

    Great buy!

    “Alright, so this was a gamble for me.. that payed! I have been trying to learn a few of these line dances by mimicking the others in in the crowd, watching a ton of different youtube videos and even tried two different group classes. None of that seemed to do much good. I am really not very coordinated I suppose. Got the club line dance lessons a few days ago and totally love em! They go through all the steps nice and slow first, and then keep adding on until they’ve gone thru the whole thing, then they dance to music, twice, while shawn mixes it up the girl stays doing the original steps, plus shawn calls out where you should be to help keep you on track.

    I kept moving like the whole time, so it was fairly exhausting, had to take a break half way thru after the first few dances and have not gotten to the rest yet. Quite a bargain. Excited to start The Wobble tomorrow!

    I am really impressed with instruction and quality, these guys definitely know what they are doing.

    Now if only I can get my boyfriend to move his lazy bones and do this with me! Any advice on that one Shawn?

    Seriously though, thanks a mil for these videos, going to the club tonight and can’t wait to impress some friends and my man with my new moves!”

  10. Cherie B (verified owner)

    Love it!! Love it!! Love it!!

    “I teach beginners line dancing at a small RV resort is southern Arizona. I was looking for good dance lesson videos to use in the classes. I first purchased a 2 dvd set from a different dance teacher and was greatly disappointed finding the steps hard to follow and definitely not for beginners. Then I found these Shawn Trautman beginners line dancing instructional videos. Love it! Love it! Love it! The lessons are easy to follow and the music selected for each dance is wonderful. We are have so much fun using it. Shawn Trautman takes the time to be sure you practice the steps enough to put it to music. Wonderful! We have so much fun with this dvd that I am now checking out his other instructional videos.”

    By the way, there was a flaw in the dvd received and Shawn Trautman himself replaced it. What customer service! This dvd set is definitely recommended if you want to learn the line dancing steps easily. Happy dancing!!

  11. Tonya Drew (verified owner)

    Crazy about Club Line Dances!!

    “I just purchased Club Line Dances and am absolutely thrilled with how easy it was to learn the steps to some of the more popular line dances!! I am not a dancer by any stretch, but with upcoming weddings, I wanted to make sure I could hold my own when these dances come up for the crowds. I tried using YouTube, but I never seemed to be able to follow well and the instructors presumed the viewer knew the basics. In the Club Line Dances instructional videos, Shawn and Joanna are able to break down the steps in an easy-to-understand method, and after a couple of practice rounds with them on the video lessons, I found myself doing the steps without having to think about it!

    The instruction is well-paced, the music was hot, and I liked the options Shawn provided to kick it up a notch if I wanted to, while Joanna continued each dance in the most basic form so you never miss a step. It reminded me of exercise videos where one person always does the routine at a slower pace.

    I already know I’m going to purchase these in DVD format as gifts for my girlfriends. The dances are great fun, Shawn and Joanna are clear and easy to follow, and I can see these dance lessons as a fresh alternative to low impact exercise as well. Oh– I’m 55 years old and you can bet I’ll be on the dance floor like I belong there!!”

  12. Michelle Ledford (verified owner)

    Fabulous and Easy to follow

    “This is a fabulous line dance lesson, I found it very easy to follow along and learn the dances. The instructors are great, they take it slow and easy, but at the same time, offer options to spice up your moves later on, making this an ongoing learning experience. Would love to see what else these guys have out there.”

  13. Chris Morgan (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed

    “I have been basically sitting on the sidelines every time these line dances begin at the club and finally decided to try one of Shawn’s online line dance lessons. He’s other, more tradition couples dance lesson videos have always been great, so this was no brainer and it delivered 110%.

    Each dance taught is first thoroughly explained and instructed step by step and then done to music. Plus each dance is also done to two different songs in the review section where you dance along with Shawn and Joanna. This is really a great feature as the first song is a bit slower beats per minute then the second which is exactly the same as the song you would expect on the dances that have somewhat of a common song for that particular dance.

    Fantastic instruction, great music and perfect for a beginner like me!”

  14. “Jennifer E Suplicki” (verified owner)

    FINALLY!!!!! All the Dances I’ve been seeing at the clubs and I CAN DO THEM ALL!!!

    “I was SO excited to FINALLY be able to do the Footloose dance!!! Seriously, I was unable to follow along and felt embarrassed to try in front of everyone. But NOW I know how to do it!!! Also, the couple teaching the dances are friendly, personable and the woman makes women feel comfortable and offers tips and tricks to help out with dancing like how to shift weight on a certain foot in case you are wearing high heels. Now that I own this video and see how great this couple teaches, I am going to buy more of their videos. I can’t wait to learn more!”

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