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Double Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 1

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Step into Intermediate Double 2 Step with step-by-step lessons on Inside Turns, Outside Turns, Torque Turns, a variety of leading techniques, in-depth turn technique, and more!

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This double two step video course takes over where you left off in Double Two-Step 101. For success with this double two step lesson, you'll need to be comfortable with the instruction and dance lessons presented in Double Two-Step 101. Once you know the the rhythm & timing, connection points and the lead & follow elements, you'll be set up to quickly grasp the material in these lessons.

During Double Two-Step Moves & Patterns Vol. 1, Inside Turns, Outside Turns, Torque Turns and a variety of leading techniques as well as turn technique come together with ease as Shawn guides you through each section, the review, and bonus to get you moving like a pro. If you're taking country dance lessons already and are ready for a new challenge, you'll really enjoy this Double Two-Step dance lesson today!

2 reviews for Double Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 1

  1. Haley Kale (verified owner)

    Great Double Two-Step Dance Lesson

    “We wanted you to know how much fun we had with this dance lesson. Double Two-Step was the dance we wanted to learn more of after completing your Beginner Series (took us 3 months) and we’re hooked! My husband still counts out loud and we occasionally mess up still but like the pace of this dance more than the others. We have gone through Volume 1 already and love the instruction!”

  2. Roger & Denise (verified owner)

    Lovin’ It in Tampa!!

    “Thanks Shawn! We love this dance now and are one of only two couples at the Dallas Bull who are now dancing it. Better yet, we’ve already had 3 other couples ask us what it is and how they can learn it – you can bet we gave them your information! Thanks again!”

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