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Double Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 2

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This Intermediate Double 2 Step course focuses on Arm and Neck Loops, Turns, Reverse Rotations, Creative Hand Changes, several Innovative Leading Techniques, and more!

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Double Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 2 is packed with moves guaranteed to up your game on the dance floor. The Arm/Neck Loop is the foundation for each of the patterns here and it will certainly not disappoint! Your confidence will grown immensely as you and your partner master Double Two-Step turns, reverse rotations, creative hand changes, and several leading techniques. You'll soon see just how much fun you can have with your boots on as Double Two-Step Moves & Patterns will get you dancing and having fun in no time flat!

2 reviews for Double Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 2

  1. Haley Kale (verified owner)

    Great Double Two-Step Dance Lesson

    “We wanted you to know how much fun we had with this dance lesson. Double Two-Step was the dance we wanted to learn more of after completing your Beginner Series (took us 3 months) and we’re hooked! My husband still counts out loud and we occasionally mess up still but like the pace of this dance more than the others. We have gone through Volume 2 already and love the instruction but we haven’t mastered it by any means. Please let us know when you have other volumes out as we’d love to keep going.”

  2. Angela M (verified owner)

    We had no idea

    “We just finished the second Double Two-Step dance lesson on moves and we’re very impressed. We had no idea there were so many little tricks that make this dance so easy. We especially liked how it flowed with the music and that we were able to dance along with you.”

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