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Essential Line Dances Volume 2

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The intermediate level line dances included are Watermelon Crawl, One Step Forward, Bump in the Dark, Skee/Ski Bumpis, Back to Louisiana, Double Ten Step, and more!

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This intermediate line dance video course from Shawn Trautman continues where Essential Line Dances Volume 1 left off and includes very detailed instruction on the following line dances:

    • Watermelon Crawl - 40 counts
    • One Step Forward - 64 counts
    • Bump in the Dark - 40 counts
    • Skee/Ski Bumpis - 40 counts
    • Back to Louisiana - 32 counts
    • Double Ten Step - 32 counts

If you are feeling fast on your feet and ready to go, jump in and get dancing!

6 reviews for Essential Line Dances Volume 2

  1. mathc7 (verified owner)

    so much fun

    “These dances are so much fun you won’t want to stop.
    You might even lose a few pounds.
    Shawn’s teaching techniques are the best.”

  2. Linda Nelson (verified owner)

    Fantantic!! The absolute best instructor!

    “I own many dance instuction tapes and videos from other instructors, but they’re all collecting dust. They move too fast, causing you to replay and replay and replay and replay. Not, Shawn Trautman’s. I have 4 of his dance lessons now. This is the best instuctor out there. Anyone, and I mean anyone can learn to dance with his instruction.”

  3. T.W. Andrade (verified owner)

    Great instructional tool

    “Loved it!! It was so clear and concise. You could see every step. The line dances were easier to learn because of the video.”

  4. Annette M. Wilhoyt (verified owner)

    Another Fantastic DVD!

    “Just as the first volume, this volume shows you the step-by-step dance moves at different angles at a very good pace. This will add to and build on the dances in your dance repertoire. My children even danced with me and were keeping up and having a great old time! The instructor doesn’t leave you hanging and explains everything clearly. What’s also nice, once you’ve mastered the basics, he adds special moves at the end that can make you look like you’ve being doing it forever and that gives you the freedom to improvise some things on your own. I really recommend this dance lesson for anyone who wants to learn how to country line dance. They really do these dances out on the dance floor, so it’s stuff you can use and apply in real life!”

  5. K. M. Decker (verified owner)

    Good Stuff

    “This dance lesson is actually incredibly helpful in trying to learn the dances. He’s slow enough for everyone to get it, but not so slow that the quick learners are ready to throw something at the screen.”

  6. K. Marshall (verified owner)

    He Makes It Easy!

    “This is my 4th Shawn Trautman dance lesson. And it’s as easy as the first one. It’s all broken down into easy steps. When he first does the dance to show it to you, you wonder how can I do that? But when he starts to teach it, there is no problem putting it all together step by step. I’m looking forward to the Smokin’ Line Dance lessons. Anyone should be able to do line dance with his lessons….”

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