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Line Dance 101

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If you are a beginner, START HERE! You will be dancing the Electric Slide, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Slappin’ Leather, Swing Time, Ole, and much more in a matter of minutes!

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Line Dance 101 is a tried and trusted line dance video for anyone wanting to get into line dancing. No matter your goals, this video will set you up for long-term success. You'll be looking good and feeling confident on the dance floor quickly as you learn how to line dance from Shawn Trautman, world-class dance instructor and author.

In addition to the most widely used line dance steps that you'll learn as you go, you'll go through several of the most popular beginner line dances including:

  • Electric Slide
  • Cotton Eyed Joe
  • Slappin' Leather
  • Ole'
  • Swing Time

Line Dance 101 is packed with tips, tricks, and the most incredible line dance lessons you'll find anywhere. This ingenious dance lesson kicks off the first of six different country line dance lessons in Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection and truly sets the stage for turning you into a great line dancer, fast! Filmed and produced with Picture-In-Picture technology from multiple camera angles, you'll be impressed at how simple this line dance video makes things for you.

Shawn Trautman has been a coach and mentor to numerous World Champions as well as countless social dancers since the early 1990's and loves country line dancing! Shawn welcomes people from all walks of life regardless of shape, size, or ability to his classes. His broad experience in both dance and Advanced Learning Techniques makes his methods of instruction innovative, easy, and fun. If you're ready to learn and have fun, Shawn Trautman's Country Line Dance Collection is the way to go.

This is the #1 Rated How to Line Dance Video Lesson on the market and contains easy to follow line dance instruction. Country line dancing video lessons have never been so easy as the line dance steps are broken out and taught at a pace perfect for beginners!

11 reviews for Line Dance 101

  1. Sharon Savidge (verified owner)

    Line Dance 101

    “The dance lessons are great and the line dance instructions are easy to follow if you are a dancer. If you haven’t danced in the past, then you, like myself, will have to replay some of the steps over to get it down. Shawn Trautman is the best instructor for line dancing. He repeats instructions and shows the steps from all angles which makes it easier to learn.”

  2. VT (verified owner)

    easy to learn

    “Line dancing is everywhere & this makes it not only fun but easy to learn.
    Great video lessons.”

  3. LOUIS ZITO (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    “Excellent dvd my family is enjoying it very much. Highly recommend!”

  4. Desert Gal53 (verified owner)

    Great way to brush up or learn to line dance

    “I’ve only been line dancing for a couple of months and I’m having a blast. I take 2 classes a week, so I’m going at a pretty good pace. I bought his dance lessons so I could work on dancing on the days when I’m not taking a class. And most of these (not all) are already a review for me. BUT I must say that some of his explainations for some of the steps involved are MUCH better than I’ve heard before. He gives great instructions and shows more than once how to do the dance. I love the picture in a picture in the lessons. I only wish I could take some real lessons from him, I bet that would be a blast!

    I would recommend his line dance lessons to anyone, I think that anyone could pull up these videos on their phone or computer and be dancing before more than an hour was up! He’a a good teacher for sure.”

  5. AliciaS (verified owner)

    A Quick Start Guide to Line Dancing

    “I purchased these dance lessons yesterday and have already learned the five different line dances, not even 24 hours later! Shawn’s knowledge of dance and his awesome teaching skills are what makes this dance lesson so enjoyable. He starts out each section by explaining the footwork individually, then starts to add them together and before you know it you have completed the whole dance! He ends each dance section with a few minutes of music so that you can practice all the steps together at the pace you would be dancing with other people.

    If you are interested in learning to line dance with a fun informative video, great camera shots, and an experienced instructor, this dance lesson video is definitely for you.”

  6. KatieBear9 (verified owner)

    Thanks goodness for line dancing 101!

    “I can’t tell you how many times I have embarrassed myself trying to dance at weddings and other functions. I’ve tried countless times to learn the dance steps from others, but it always seems so confusing. This dance lessons has been a HUGE help to me.

    Shawn breaks down each dance into VERY simple steps, and shows you two different angles so you can really understand what it should look and feel like. Since they are in their own segments you can rewind and repeat each step until you are completely comfortable-at the end of the “step” lessons they are all tied together and voila! you’re doing an actual dance! (some with some pretty snazzy variations too!)

    I would not hesitate to purchase another video dance lesson from his collection when needed-this one has already worked wonders! Buy it-you’ll be happy you did!”

  7. R. Brown (verified owner)

    Line Dance Beginning Instruction At Its Best

    “A while back my wife started taking line dancing instructions at our church. She liked it much but complained that for someone new to line dancing, even her in the beginners class (at Church) went too fast for her to understand the various steps.

    So I researched on line and choose these dance lessons as the best for her to study in better detail at home.

    She has enjoyed and plays the dance lessons constantly to study and practice the steps. Shawn’s instruction are at a fair pace with many encouragement words and inset videos to show the dance steps in greater detail. She now wants more of his Line Dancing lessons which I will probable get her. She recommends that any learning student of line dancing would get very good instruction from purchasing and using Line Dancing 101.”

  8. MaryAnn M. (verified owner)

    Line Dance Addict 🙂

    “Highly recommend this dvd to all

    As a total newbie to Line Dancing I was able to learn the first dance in approximately 15 minutes and perform it confidently

    The instructions and demonstrations by Shawn couldn’t be easier to follow and now thanks to him I’m totally addicted:)”

  9. Ron P. (verified owner)

    Thumbs Up!!!!!

    “I am enjoying the lessons because you start out slowly and gradually get faster. Some show you something once and then expect that you’ll catch on with others that have been dancing for over a year. Thanks for the patient way that you teach.”

  10. nick alphin & Suzie (verified owner)

    Hee Haw

    “This is a dance lesson that is easy to learn by. I would recommend it for anyone that is new to line dancing. Easy to follow because they do not go
    too fast and repeat the steps until you pretty much have them. It’s fun and good cardio exercise. I do this in my kitchen right now but am getting up enough confidence to maybe join a class or go public.”

  11. Georgette F. (verified owner)

    Fantastic DVD

    “I’ve been wanting to learn a few of the more popular line dances for a while now but didn’t know how well I’d be able to learn. I can tell you that Shawn is an excellent instructor, super cool guy and teaches you along at just a perfect pace. In the first week I’ve had these lessons, I’ve learned 3 dances that I’m completely comfortable with and I didn’t think that was possible for me? If you’re thinking you can’t learn how to dance, IMO you definitely can with Shawn’s help. I’m so glad I finally did this, I’m really looking forward to my next visit to the country bar!”

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