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Line Dance 6 Pack DVDs

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A complete Line Dance Mastery System that includes 2 beginner lessons, 2 intermediate lessons, and 2 advanced lessons that will have you dancing along with Shawn in minutes!


These line dance lessons will change your line dancing within your first lesson – even if you’ve tried and failed at your local line dance class, you have no rhythm, or even if you’ve never even tried to learn how to line dance.

Whether you’re a newbie or you’ve tried and failed with regular line dance classes, Shawn Trautman’s Line Dance Mastery System is filled with “Oh my goodness! I can’t believe how EASY that was” moments layered with a healthy serving of “Ohhhhh, NOW that makes sense” revelations.

Don’t sell yourself short. You CAN learn how to line dance – you just need Shawn Trautman’s Instruction method to jump-start your line dancing and keep you moving to the beat. Take yourself from novice to confident, capable dancer with these easy-to-follow, fun, step-by-step line dance lessons that will boost your confidence on the dance floor with each and every new dance.
These Line Dance Videos are Your Ticket to the Fast Lane of Country Line Dancing!

Are you left on the sidelines for the Electric Slide? Are your friends singing the praises of line dancing, leaving you wondering what all the fuss is about? Have you already thrown in the towel on your local line dance class as being just too hard? Do you want to line dance with confidence, and without looking foolish? Do you want to learn the line dances that everyone talks about, like the Watermelon Crawl, Cotton Eyed-Joe, the Hip Hop Line Dance, Ski Bumpis, and many others?

You don’t need to spend month after month feeling awkward, lost, and behind in beginner line dancing classes to learn how to line dance. With Shawn Trautman’s Line Dance Mastery System you have the unique advantage of fun, easy-to-follow line dance lessons that allow you practice on YOUR schedule.

As if that’s not enough, with the line dance video lessons included in the Line Dance Mastery System, you have a well-organized catalog of the most popular line dances of all time, organized by difficulty level, at your finger tips:


  • Electric Slide
  • Cotton-Eyed Joe
  • Slappin’ Leather
  • Ole’
  • Swing Time
  • Macarena
  • Boot Scootin’ Boogie
  • Tush Push

Beginner / Intermediate:

  • Cactus Cha-Cha
  • The Cowboy Twist
  • Redneck Girl
  • The Boardwalk
  • The Ten Step
  • County Line Cha-Cha
  • West Coast Shuffle
  • Watermelon Crawl
  • One Step Forward
  • Bump in the Dark
  • Skee Bumpis (Ski Bumpis)
  • Back to Louisiana
  • Double Ten Step

Intermediate / Advanced:

  • Gator Boogie
  • Hummingbird
  • T-R-O-U-B-L-E
  • Skee Bumpis / Tush Push
  • Hip Hop Line Dance
  • Regular Joe
  • Can’t Get Enuff (I Like It, I Love It!)
  • Walk the Line (Cadillac Ranch)
  • Laredo (Suicide Blonde)
  • Swamp Thang

You’ll gain immediate access to a 6-Line Dance Lesson course delivered in manageable sections for each dance, approximately 20 minutes each, so you can learn at your own pace. Ensure you’ve mastered the material with a review at the end of each line dance video.  You will be out having a blast on the dance floor in no time!

7 reviews for Line Dance 6 Pack DVDs

  1. Sonny S. (verified owner)

    The Best Way To Learn!

    “The Line Dance Mastery System (6 Lesson Set) was the best way to learn how to do many different line dances. The movements were broken down into simple easy to do steps that were easy to follow. There is practice time included after learning each line dance. It starts out with a simple line dance and builds into the more difficult ones so you are building on what you learned in the previous dance. I did it in my own home so I didn’t feel awkward or self conscious about people watching me. It was easy to go back over a dance step because each dance step is labeled before you learn it. Now I know I can go out and do the line dances that are being played!”

  2. Annette W. (verified owner)

    A Wonderful Way to Start

    “I am a beginner and I bought these line dance lessons to get myself started. The lessons are taught step-by-step and are easy to follow since the instructor shows you a few moves at a time and shows them from different angles. You build on previous moves and before you know it, you’re dancing! I have already applied some of the dances at a local club, and I was so proud that I was able to do them! I completely recommend this to anyone, beginner or not, if you want to learn the dances in these lessons. I never floundered, never got lost and practiced a few times and had it down pat. Shawn really knows how to teach.”

  3. Justin B. (verified owner)

    One of the Best Instructors Ever!

    “I just finished learning the entire line dance video lessons of dances and variations and I must say throughout Shawn is an excellent instructor giving back and side views of the moves and dances so you don’t have to reverse what you’re doing but can move naturally with him. Also, you get to dance every dance to at least a 2 minute piece of music, not including the “prelude” before (doing it without music) and build up he does throughout the entire teaching linking recently learnt moves to the building dance. There is also a Full Review section for doing all the dances and moves in a more aerobic style session and the practice for the last dance “Slappin’ Leather” is included after that session rather than in the end of it’s section (unlike the rest). An excellent instructor and awesome country line dancing with easy and some impressive advanced variations and pieces. 5 stars!”

  4. J ane D (verified owner)

    Easy to learn!

    “Easy to learn! These are great videos for anyone to learn to line dance. They also helped me refresh some of the basic steps since I hadn’t been dancing recently. (Me) Don’t be afraid to add to the dance that is what makes line dancing fun, do stay with the tried and true add a little flare to stand out in a crowd.”

  5. Ann T. (verified owner)

    Another Fantastic Dance Lesson!

    “Just as the first volume [Line Dance 101], this volume [Essential Line Dances Volume 1] shows you the step-by-step dance moves at different angles at a very good pace. This will add to and build on the dances in your dance repertoire. My children even danced with me and were keeping up and having a great old time! The instructor doesn’t leave you hanging and explains everything clearly. What’s also nice, once you’ve mastered the basics, he adds special moves at the end that can make you look like you’ve being doing it forever and that gives you the freedom to improvise some things on your own. I really recommend this DVD for anyone who wants to learn how to country line dance. They really do these dances out on the dance floor, so it’s stuff you can use and apply in real life!”

  6. L. Nelson (verified owner)

    The VERY Best Dance Instruction Out There!!!

    “Shawn Trautman is the best dance instructor yet! A great teacher in addition to dancer. I’ve tried several dance instruction VHS and DVD’s (9 in all from Christy Lane, Diane Horner, Teresa Mason, Wiley Hicks, and Cal Pozo), but I didn’t stick with them, because they would move so fast that you’d get lost. I would get tired of starting them over and over just trying to pick up the steps. But Shawn makes it so simple to learn, keeping it at a slower pace for the beginner. He also throws in some variations for more challenge. They’re so good, I have added 4 of his video dance lessons to my collection. But his aren’t collecting dust like the others!”

  7. Ruth H. (verified owner)

    You’ll be ready to dance!

    “These Line Dance video lessons are just like taking a line dance lessons in a dance studio! I like the way Shawn describes each step, demonstrates it, and then explains how to do it in a way that can be remembered later — when it’s actually time to get on the dance floor. I found it especially helpful to have an opportunity during the video lesson to review the learned steps with music while following Shawn’s lead! This relaxed, straightforward approach to learning is fun and the video is a “must have” for anyone who is interested in learning to dance quickly!”

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