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Nightclub Two-Step 101

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A beginner Nightclub 2Step course that will have you mastering the rhythm, timing, connection, basic steps, and more of Nightclub Two-Step with ease.

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Glide across the dance floor to your favorite slow song with Shawn Trautman's beginner Nightclub Two-Step Video Lessons. In just minutes you will move confidently as you master the rhythm and timing, connection points, and basic steps of Nightclub Two-Step with or without your partner with clear, step-by-step instructions.

Though it’s great to have the experience of the ballroom, the Nightclub Two Step is an ideal dance to learn in your living room. It doesn’t demand much space, as the dancers don’t traverse the whole dance floor. That means Shawn Trautman’s Nightclub Two-Step DVDs are a great alternative to private Nightclub Two-Step instruction. Learn the basics of this dance and you’ll be ready whenever that DJ plays a soft love song. Shawn Trautman takes you through the fundamentals of how to Nightclub Two-Step, encouraging you to visualize the steps. As a world-renowned teacher, he takes pride in helping dancers of all levels.

5 reviews for Nightclub Two-Step 101

  1. D. Danner (verified owner)

    Everything you need to nail the basics

    “Shawn and Joanna do an excellent job of covering all the basics of the Nightclub 2 Step in their 101 dance lesson. We bought it just after completing a local, 6 week beginners NC2S class. The Trautmans covered everything we learned in our 6 week class plus a lot of additional tips and drill suggestions. Their dance lesson cost us less than one night of private instruction and we now have it to refer to as often as we like. Either the private class or the Trautman’s video lessons alone would have been sufficient for learning the basic NC2S, but in combination they were fantastic. We have since purchased more of their 101 dance lessons’s (Cha Cha and Salsa) and are confident that the dance videos alone will be all we need to get us started with a new step. (Plus, we will not have to wait until our local instructor offers the particular dance step class we want next.)

    Shawn’s lead on instruction is very clear and obviously well practiced from teaching experience. Joanna offers many helpful comments that pertain to what the ladies need to be aware of while executing their partner’s leads. Together, they make a great instructive team. The lesson is well organized and permits easy revisiting of the sections you wish to focus on, and I really appreciated that they give you a quick preview of what you will be learning as an introduction to the dance lesson, rather than immediately jumping into the mechanics of the steps. They also did a good job of helping me to understand the rhythm/beat of those tunes where you would use the NC2S. Excellent video and audio quality. My wife and I can easily recommend this dance lesson to anyone wanting to learn the NC2S. Well done Shawn and Joanna, and thanks for helping us get started on a wonderful activity together as we begin our retirements.”

  2. John J. McCoy (verified owner)

    Excellent chance to supplement your local dance instruction classes, or learn on your own if nothing is available in your area

    “After promising my girlfriend for years that I would take dance lessons with her, I struggled with the one hour local sessions when we finally started. One to two hours a week for six week sessions was not enough for me to make much progress, and I felt bad about that. We tried to practice mid-week on our own, but I had trouble remembering the lessons, and we also had very little appropriate practice music at home. An internet search for help brought me straight to Shawn and Joanna Trautman’s online dance instruction videos, and I studied the reviews before trying this video. My local dance teacher is a sweetheart, but she just was not explaining the movement of my size twelve feet in a manner that made sense to me. Shawn explains it clearly, and I finally “got it”! Once my feet were going the right direction, the turns and “tricks” made me a beginner dancer, instead of someone who was always out of place on the dance floor. This lesson is 56 minutes long, and you can dance in public with what you learn here. Yes, there are more moves out there than are shown in this first series dance lesson, but you WILL BE A DANCER if you just learn what is here, and don’t worry about the other moves for now. The music is loud enough even during the instruction period that we will just practice dance on our own some times, without listening to the instructions. The dance lesson also fills a need that we had for the right kind of dance music. Nightclub two-step is generally considered to be the easiest partner dancing of all of the types. If you have no formal lessons available in your area, then go ahead and start with this video, to see if the dancing thing is for you! A friend’s recent birthday party had a 1950’s sock-hop theme with 150 people in costume and a live band, and with our basic, but concise nightclub two-step moves, we were the stars of the event, thanks in part to this video. If you have ever considered learning ballroom dancing, buy this dance lesson, and you will not be disappointed!”

  3. Robert W Yeager (verified owner)


    “Gave me emphasis on the basics and a few moves that we can master easily. Polishes what we learned in dance class”

  4. Joey (verified owner)

    Great teaching as always!

    “I came across Shawn Trautman’s instructional video lessons a few months ago, I can only repeat what all the positive reviewer have said. The teaching is just first rate, at the right pace and such great value. I don’t even bother looking for video’s from another source anymore, there’s no comparison.”

  5. Missy (verified owner)

    the studio didn’t like our doing a step they hadn’t taught us

    “Wow! My partner and I were blown away with how quickly we learned. The very next time we went to our studio’s dance party and a Night Club 2-step was announced, away we went enjoying every moment as we did the foot crossing in sync, UNTIL our instructor came over and said not to do it that way, just do the rock step. We were and are completely baffled. We suspect that because we hadn’t been taught this dance (in 10 months of weekly private instruction and weekly group lessons), the studio didn’t like our doing a step they hadn’t taught us. We wanted to move along so I had bought the dance lesson. Some how we got into trouble although we saw other couples dancing the step as we had learned it on Shawn’s videos. We have noticed that the studio doesn’t listen to what we want. Why do we continue to go, well, we have improved greatly in the past year (almost) and we have made friends with other couples. But, thanks Shawn sand Joanna. We have bought 11 of Shawn’s lessons thus far and like them all!”

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