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Slow & Romantic Dance Sampler

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A beginner dance course that will have you dancing Slow Dance, Rumba, Waltz, and Nightclub Two-Step with ease.

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Shawn Trautman's Slow and Romantic Dance Sampler teaches the beginner steps of 4 of the most popular dances for slow and romantic songs. Enjoy the following dances with Shawn's expert instruction:

  • Slow Dance
  • Rumba
  • Waltz
  • Nightclub Two-Step

Slow & Romantic Dance Sampler is packed with easy to follow instruction in a “what you see is what you dance” format. More than just basics and the moves listed above, you’ll learn about connection points, proper hand placements, creating the lead, transitions and combining moves. To further enhance the instruction, a full breakdown of footwork for each move from both the leader and follower perspectives is given.

6 reviews for Slow & Romantic Dance Sampler

  1. Megan Hendricks (verified owner)

    Great starter DVD to get you moving on the dance floor!

    I highly recommend this dance lesson video for beginner dancers who want to get moving in a social dance setting. Shawn and Joanna break down the steps in a way that is easy to follow, even if you’ve never danced before. I’ve been dancing a little over a year, and I had done some of these dances before. Even for those I had done before, it was a good review. The slow dance and night club two step are especially helpful for weddings, parties or anywhere there is slow dancing and you want to do more than just sway side to side.

  2. Dawn (verified owner)

    Excellent overview of four slow dance styles (good for wedding prep and other social dancing)

    This is a good dance lesson for a couple who wants to be able to dance at their own wedding or other events such as wedding receptions, holiday parties, cruises, etc. Dancing one of these styles is so much more fun than just doing the junior high style of stepping back and forth and from this one dance lesson and a little practice it is very do-able! I highly recommend that Shawn Trautman instructional dance videos. Shawn and his wife Joanna are excellent teachers. Shawn does an excellent job of breaking down the footwork and also provides tips on style and leading. Joanna does a good job on providing info on following and style- and she makes funny comments along the way keeping it fun. They are very down to earth and personable and really care about feedback from dancers.

    This online dance lesson is a great place to start for an overview of four popular (and useful) ballroom and social dance styles. Each dance is covered fairly briefly in one chapter. (If you want more detail about a specific dance you could purchase a lesson from Shawn Trautman’s collection devoted to that specific dance). However, even from this one dance lesson we were able to learn enough basics, footwork, and rhythm to get out on the dance floor in public. This is also a great overview for an “advanced beginner”- someone who is already a dancer in one or more styles and wants to learn a new dance.

  3. rajones (verified owner)

    Start Dancing with this dance lesson

    Do you want to dance? Start here. I guarantee you; this dance lesson video is exceptionally well done. As instructional material goes Trautman and his wife are incredibly easy to learn from. I watched the “Slow and Romantic Dance Sampler” and was really impressed with the clarity of instruction and the helpful comments on dance etiquette. The camera angles shift between the male and female perspectives which is really interesting. You will learn enough of the basic dance moves to feel confident on the dance floor. I would eagerly recommend this to anyone who wants to get a jumpstart on their dance moves. Honestly, I believe you could watch this one night and be out dancing the next. It gives a man immediate skills he can use the same weekend. If you want to dance, start here.

  4. J. Sheffer (verified owner)

    Get this dance lesson

    My wife and I are new to ballroom dancing in the last year. We’ve taken some lessons, but found that we needed the extra help of videos that we can use on our own schedule in our home and we’ve tried a bunch of them. This dance lesson and the whole series of new videos from Shawn Trautman have been a godsend and much more useful to us than the others we’ve tried. We are actually doing the dances within a short time and having fun, rather than getting aggravated with one another. Trautman’s emphasis on the differing roles of leader and follower and the very clear demonstrations of those roles have helped us enormously. These dance lesson videos include much more music and time to practice the new steps than most videos, rather than just watching an instructor do a step and go to another step. We like this video a lot and strongly recommend it. On a side note, the logistics/timing of shipping and subsequent email communications with the company were, after many frustrations with other online outfits, the best we’ve seen.

  5. Pat K (verified owner)

    Dance Video

    Great dance video. Shawn Trautman and his wife are very easy to follow in their step-by-step instruction. We love it!

  6. A. Van Taylor (verified owner)

    Great for beginners!
    Like all of Shawn’s dance lesson videos that we have purchased, this one is also terrific for beginners who want to learn to dance. This particular one is for slow dancing to many different types of music.

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