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Smokin’ Line Dances Volume 1

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This advanced Line Dance course includes challenging dances like Gator Boogie, Hummingbird, T-R-O-U-B-L-E, Ski Bumpis/Tush Push, Hip Hop Line Dance and much more!

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Smokin' Line Dances Volume 1 is for advanced Line Dancers who are ready for longer sequences and some quick steps! It's sure challenging, but Smokin' Volume 1 is for all dancers who are ready to have fun and get their feet moving to some awesome line dances. This line dance video course contains well over an hours worth of line dances that are a combination of fun, challenging, and sometimes even fast. Here is a listing of the dances that are taught on this volume: Memphis Belle (Gator Boogie) - 56 counts; Hummingbird - 48 counts; T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Slidin' Home) - 48 counts; Ski Bumpis/Tush Push Combo - 70 counts; and, the one everyone's been asking about that's so hard to find - the Hip Hop Line Dance (Everybody Dance Now) - 96 counts; and more...

Filmed in HD and presented with multiple camera angles and Picture-In-Picture technology, you won't want to miss how easy these dances can be with the right instructor. If you've never danced before, Shawn Trautman's Line Dance 101 "A Quick Start Guide to Line Dancing" or Club Line Dances should precede this DVD, followed by Party Line Dances, Essential Line Dances Volumes 1 & 2. If you're quick on your feet and ready for the challenge, this course is best complemented by Smokin' Line Dances Vol. 2. Get this top rated Line Dance Lessons Video today and join in on the FUN!

4 reviews for Smokin' Line Dances Volume 1

  1. Rose M. Jenkins (verified owner)

    Yes, I can do this!!

    “These dances are indeed complicated. But as he does in other dance lessons, Shawn presents the steps in segments that can be easily learned, and he encourages you to repeat them over and over to make sure you’ve mastered them.”

  2. LeAn (verified owner)

    No newbies!

    “Newbies steer clear! These dances may be complicated enough to make you look like a pro on the dance floor, but they require some practice to master. Fortunately, these dances are fun, so practicing isn’t a chore. I appreciate that Shawn likes to provide alternative steps where appropriate, so I can be creative and still be in time to the rhythm. Newbies, take a look at Shawn’s Party Line Dances.”

  3. Molly Bagby (verified owner)

    High Energy, Easy to Follow, Lots of FUN!

    “I was not very familiar with line dancing before trying this dance lesson, but with Shawn’s easy to follow steps, I was able to pick up the dances pretty easily. The videos give you 2 views on the screen, one being the full body, and the other being just the feet, which allows you to be able to pick up the foot movements more easily.
    It was also very helpful how he does the whole dance with the music first, before breaking it down into the parts. This allowed me to see what parts I could pick up by just watching, and then also what parts I would need to spend more time concentrating on. It also allows you to get a general feel for most of the steps before getting into the technical breakdown of each one.
    The dances he teaches are also very fun and have gotten me excited to go out and try my foot on the dance floor.”

  4. J. Apgar (verified owner)

    Finally Learned the Dance!!!

    “I have seen the Hip Hop Line Dance out in the clubs, and I attempted to learn it there. I finally broke down and purchased Shawn Trautman’s Smokin’ Line Dances, so I could learn the dance at home. Shawn does an excellent job with the Hip Hop Line Dance, and with all the other dances in the lesson. Shawn explains things so thoroughly that it makes them seem easy – which helps boost your confidence as you learn.”

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