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Two-Step 6 Pack – Beginner & Intermediate Dance Lessons

All you need to get Two-Steppin’!  The Two-Step 6 Pack covers beginner into intermediate material and includes Two-Step Basics 1-3 and Two-Step Moves & Patterns 1-3.

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Read more Original price was: $239.94 USD.Current price is: $149.99 USD.

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These Country Two-Step Dance Lessons go beyond the basics and quickly get you dancing the most popular country western dance of all time. The Two-Step 6 Pack takes you from never having danced and guides you through clear step-by-step beginner lessons and launches you confidently into intermediate steps and moves. By the time you have completed Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 3, the 6th lesson in the 6 Pack, you will be a competent and confident intermediate country two-stepper. Shawn Trautman's 6 Lesson Starter Kit two-step series includes over 7 and a 1/2 hrs of non-stop lessons will have you dancing like you never thought possible.

The Two-Step 6 Pack is available in online dance lesson format, DVD, or both, depending on what works best for you. The online lessons travel everywhere you have internet access, but we still offer these lessons on DVD as well.

Teamed with former country two-step champion Nicole Frye for the these great two-step dance lessons, Shawn unveils a new teaching format with two-step lessons packed with country 2-step patterns perfect for anyone who enjoys dancing to country music. In addition, each two-step video has tons of tips & tricks on looking good and lead/follow concepts, bonus sections with exclusive country two-step lessons that'll keep you challenged, plenty of two-step music for practicing, & much more!

This incredible beginner and intermediate selection from Shawn's comprehensive two-step series teaches everything you need for true lead & follow beginner and beginner/intermediate country two-step; and does so using easy time-tested practice drills you won't find anywhere else... in no time flat you'll be up & dancing along to your favorite 2-step dance music.

Each of the country two-step videos are set up like a private 'how-to' dance lesson in your living room. Simply pop the disc in, push play, stand up, and dance along with Shawn and Nicole as you learn the new two-step moves and patterns, train your body with proper exercises, and practice to country two-step music.

By the end of this set you'll be confidently dancing Two-Step and doing the steps, turns, and spins you never thought were possible. With this impressive 6 Lesson series on country two-step, we guarantee you'll have the time of your life and you'll enjoy two-step more than you ever imagined!

Country Two-Step Video Lessons Included in this Set:

  • Two-Step Basics Volume 1
  • Two-Step Basics Volume 2
  • Two-Step Basics Volume 3
  • Two-Step Moves and Patterns Volume 1
  • Two-Step Moves and Patterns Volume 2
  • Two-Step Moves and Patterns Volume 3


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