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Two-Step Basics

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A comprehensive beginner Texas 2Step course that will have you mastering the rhythm, timing, connection, basic steps, the cape position, wrap position, promenade position, prep steps, basic torque turns, single turns, one-and-a-half turns, when to use each one and more of Two-Step with ease. The Basics Series includes Exclusive Drills and Tips.

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Two-Step Basics 1-3 starts at Square 1 as Shawn and Nicole build Country Western Two-Step from the ground up. By the time you have mastered all three lessons you will understand the basic steps, footwork, rhythm, timing, connection, transitions to skaters position, wrap position, and promenade position, prep steps, basic torque turns, single turns, one-and-a-half turns, and when to use each dance component. This course is designed for absolute beginners who want every detail of what every dancer should know. These 3 dance lessons are designed for rapid learning. Each lesson is divided into 3 sections, a thorough review, practice with music, and even bonus drills that prepare you for the material in the next lesson, with Two-Step Basics Volume 3 getting you ready for intermediate material found on Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 1.

6 reviews for Two-Step Basics

  1. T. Cagle (verified owner)

    Two Step Basics Vol 1 thr 3

    “This is the best two step dance lesson I have seen. We have been through all 3 of the basic dance lessons and they were great. It shows the basic moves much better than the local two step class that we took. The class will rush through the basics way too fast and move on to other moves before you are ready to move up. This is much better than group two step class although the practice with different partners in the class is good. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give these online lessons a 9.8 only because I never give a 10. Thank you Shawn for the wonderful work you did on these lessons. It was better than I hoped for.

    We have some good two step instructors but I think using the dance lessons in addition to the class is better than either one alone because you can watch it again and again until you understand what you missed the first time. We watched the dance lessons one at a time about one a month. It is most important that you go out and dance after learning from the video to get the steps burned in to your memory. I am 63 so if you are younger it might be easier for you. Even if you know how to two step already this is a good review and might help get rid of some faults you don’t realize you have.”

  2. Joe P. (verified owner)

    These Basics are Solid!

    “I also want to add that the basics was an excellent foundation and here’s why. My girlfriend is an experienced solo dancer in multiple styles (line, hip hop, lyrical, etc.). But she is not very experienced in couples dancing. When I was using your basics dance lessons at the very beginning of the summer, I had near no knowledge of dancing. I just started some line dancing at country western bars. With that background considered, I looked at your dance lessons mainly by myself. My girlfriend was very busy but also a little impatient to sit through the lessons, she’ll admit. She would say, “I’m a good follower, just lead and spin me.” She is generally great at winging-it since she is a fast learner and adjuster. I’m the opposite, I am a slow learner but I have a great memory. Here is my point. After I got a solid understanding of the steps by myself, I practiced my garage a few times with my girlfriend and it was incredibly easy for me to describe what I was going to do, whether a step, prep, or turn. Because the Basics lessons move at a snail’s pace, it was very easy for me to understand not only where to step, but weight shift and hand position. I have tried picking up line dances on youtube but the steps and weight shifting runs together and I cant pick it up properly. Also, because Shawn reveals common misconceptions and bad habits, it was easy to spot and fix my own. Next thing you know, we go dancing and I only do half turns the entire night. Then, I work on cape and wrap only. We start cleaning up the steps. The basics you gave me were so solid, that it has been very easy to add more to my dancing menu. Thank you!”

  3. John T. (verified owner)

    Basics, Basics, Basics!

    “Shawn Trautman’s 2-Step Basics is in two words is, The Best! In this 3 dance lesson series Shawn breaks down 2-Step basics in three separate sections. On the Vol. 1 he shows you the four connection points for a great lead & follow connection. He then has you practice the rhythm pattern of 2-Step (quick,quick,slow,slow) forward, backwards and side by side so that muscle memory starts to take over. Then he takes you in to a simple left turn.

    In Vol. 2 Shawn expands on the Left Turn taking you into three different turning positions. Cape, Wrap, and Promenade positions, which all will advance your dancing to the next level.

    Finally in Vol. 3, Shawn and his lovely partner Nicole Frye who is also a great dancer with a beautiful smile, will take you through Prep Steps to get you into Cape, and other side by side positions plus the One & A Half exit to get you back to close position. All these Basics lead to a much better dance experience when you finally hit the floor.
    I also have several other of Shawn’s Country 2-Step and West Coast Swing dance lessons. All I can say is they are all great. I keep going back to them to refresh my mind as I become a better dancer.

    These 2-Step Basics dance lessons do that also. It keeps reminding me of the simple basics that I’ve forgotten and have to fix. Add in a visual pleasing studio set, beautiful Nicole Frye, (who I don’t mind watching) and many camera angles so you will always see the feet, and you have a wonderful learning tool. Shawn in his simple yet commanding teaching method had me learning right out of the box and he’ll do the same for you. He has made me a happy 2-Step dancer!
    Do yourself a favor and get these dance lessons!”

  4. Ron B. (verified owner)

    New 2-Step Basics Dance Lessons

    “Just went through Shawn Trautman’s Country 2-Step Basics 3 Dance Lessons series and I really enjoyed it! I also have Trautman’s older set of 2-step dance lesson DVDs and I can honestly say this set is even better. The new set breaks down the basics into manageable pieces and really encourages you to practice and do the exercises between the training sessions. Each pattern is shown several times and from different angles. Definitely highly recommended for beginners and even for people who know some 2-step already. These dance lessons will give you enough to get out and go dancing and give you the foundation that’s needed for the more intermediate lessons.”

  5. AK Hunter (verified owner)

    2-Step Made Simple Enough For ANYBODY

    “All 3 of the Two-Step Basics dance lessons were very well organized in not only the dance instruction, but also in the way the online lessons were formatted. A lot of the material (especially on disc 1) is extremely slow paced and basic which is good if you’re a beginner that needs to learn 2-Step from the ground up. Each dance lesson is broken up into 3 separate lessons. If you get bored with the slow paced, step by step instruction you can skip the lesson and go strait into the moves by selecting “review” from the main page on each lesson. Additionally, each lesson is followed up by bonus and practice features that you can select to learn additional moves and positions as well as receive suggestions of how to practice and master the 2-step in a variety of drills that you can do at home, while seated, or even while pushing a cart at the grocery store. Each of the Basics dance lessons is a must whether you are an absolute beginner or you already know the 2-Step but don’t want to be stuck just dancing a basic around the dance floor in a circle without any moves.”

  6. Gary L. (verified owner)

    Worth As Much As Private Instruction!

    “These dance lessons are so good. With 3 different Basics Dance Lessons, Shawn has time to dive into the numerous fundamental details of 2-step, instead of cramming everything onto 1 lesson. Each Basics dance lesson is divided into several sections for easy use.

    Volume 1 is a complete breakdown of the 6-beat, 4-step count (quick/quick/slow/slow). Shawn covers a lot of material you need to know: your speed, the size of your steps, positioning, he gives you drills, details the four connection points you and your dance partner will share, he shows you a mirroring exercise, how to turn left and turn right, and more.

    Volume 2 covers the different types of leads, the left turn, side by side into cape (sweetheart) position, left turn into wrap, promenade, and more. Shawn gives you little pieces to practice, demostrating with and w/o music, breaking down each hand or foot movement. BTW it’s nice to listen to today’s country music songs Shawn plays in the background as he instructs.

    Volume 3 introduces prep steps, torque turns, 1/2 turns, single turns, 1.5 turns, and more. Shawn ties all of the prior 2-step concepts together, such as when to use the moves, and what happens as a lead that can cause you to not stop her turn, and there are plenty of drills to help you practice.

    It’s also very helpful that Shawn repeats the moves he teaches, so you don’t necessarily have to stop or pause the lessons every few seconds, you can keep it running forward, and each time he repeats a move, he adds new tips each time. These 3 dance lessons also help prepare you for the longer moves and intermediate/advanced pattern dance lessons in Shawn’s collection, I can’t wait to order them and practice!”

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