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Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 1

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Two-Step Moves & Patterns V1 is an intermediate 2Step course that will have you mastering the entering and exiting Promenade position, Mirrored Vines, Promenade to an Open Release, and bonus material to incorporate these combinations into your Two-Step with ease.

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This series of video lessons launches Shawn's Two-Step Moves & Patterns Series with a fresh look at a staple of intermediate social Two-Step: the Promenade dance position. Using his signature step-by-step instruction style, Shawn and Nicole will dance along with you as you master the Promenade position itself, how to get into it, how to exit from it back to closed dance position, how to add some style with a variety of exits, and how to incorporate the Promenade into your own personal social dance routine so the group of Moves and Patterns taught in this course join the steps you mastered on Two-Step Basics in your long-term memory.

8 reviews for Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 1

  1. lisbeth (verified owner)

    Two-Step Moves & Patterns

    “After the basics in Two-Step, Volume 1 is a perfect choice to begin this series. Although I started with Volume 2, I’m glad I came back for this one. It really gets you out on the floor and enjoying dancing. Shawn introduces you to the Promenade which moves you out of the Closed Position and into positions like the Mirrored Vine. This has you and your partner going down the floor in a vine fashion. From here you have options like the Skaters’ position which is a side by side and can include turns and a release that takes you back to the Closed Position. These dance lessons have really opened up the dance floor to my partner and me. We look forward to each Volume.”

  2. Ronald A. Broadhurst (verified owner)

    Shawn Troutman New Two-Step online dance lessons

    “Wow! I am really pleased with this latest set of Two-Step dance videos from Shawn Trautman. I have several of his previous videos including the Basic Two-Step three dance lessons. The first two lessons of this intermediate level set that I have studied are just awesome. These first two volumes cover the promenade, skaters, cape and wrap patterns to get you started. The pattern moves are repeated several times and shown from different angles so that you can see all the subtleties of the different patterns presented. Then there are review and practice chapters in each lesson. I really feel that now I can go out on the dance floor and look like I know something about this dance. I am looking forward to the release of the remainder of these videos. I would highly recommend this new dance lesson series to anyone wanting to improve their Two-Step knowledge.”

  3. S Hutchens (verified owner)

    What a Great Find!

    “I’ve been two stepping for a while but wanted to learn some different moves, so I went searching the Internet to see what’s out there and came across Shawn Trautman’s dance lessons. What a great find! I did the first three Moves and Patterns dance lessons just to give them a try and now I’m wishing I had joined to jump into the whole set at once! Shawn does a wonderful job of breaking down all the moves and making them easy to understand. He and Nicole give helpful tips as you’re moving along which will really help you look great on the dance floor! Getting my lessons was fast and easy (and the customer service was great!) – I was dancing in just a few minutes.”

  4. shawn (verified owner)

    Chris Butterfield
    5.0 out of 5 starsThis helped me out a lot I liked the way it ties everything you have learned from …
    April 27, 2015
    Format: DVD
    This helped me out a lot I liked the way it ties everything you have learned from each part of the dvd into ever lesson you learn. He builds off the basics and walks you through every thing and ties in the previous part you learned and how to transition from one to another flawlessly. Super easy to follow and fun and engaging the bonus features that come with take you to the next level and a nice little tool to put in to your box of dance skills.

  5. shawn (verified owner)

    J. Apgar
    5.0 out of 5 starsTwo-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 1 ROCKS!
    October 9, 2011
    Format: DVD
    I absolutely love this DVD! The primary topics covered are how to get into a promenade, and then how to exit the promenade into mirrored vines or skater’s position. Shawn Trautman continues to show what a wonderful dance instructor he is by showing the foot-work while explaining what he did to lead each move. I especially enjoyed the Bonus section of the DVD where Shawn Trautman and Nicole Frye shared other options to exit the previous moves, such as torque turns and faster mirrored vines. I will continue to purchase Shawn Trautman’s instructional dance videos-they are always exceptional.

  6. J. Wilkins (verified owner)

    good first step to two step

    “Two step has always scared me a little because it really moves quickly down the floor. Kind of like driving on a crowded highway, you better know what you are doing or it could get ugly. In Arizona where I am located, we have our own version called the Arizona Two Step. It doesn’t travel nearly so much and is much easier to learn than the progressive or Texas Two Step which this video covers. So I have found it very helpful to find dance lessons that teaches the basics in a very clear way. After watching this video I feel like I now have the tools I need to two step with some confidence and style. The moves are shown slowly at first but little by little increase in speed. There are plenty of cool moves to learn, particularly in the bonus section. I really like the review section. It is kind of a Cliff’s notes version of the full lesson. Very helpful if you want to refresh your memory a bit without having to view the whole video again. Even if I never learned another two step move I feel that what I have learned on this video would be more than adequate to take to the dance floor and have a lot of fun. Dancing is all about confidence, and mastering this material will go a long way towards increasing your enjoyment of this fun dance.”

  7. Gary Lee (verified owner)

    Adding to the Basics with Intermediate

    This is the first dance lesson in the Moves & Patterns series, on the intermediate level, concentrating on the promenade, mirrored vines, and skater’s position. These moves are easy to follow and detailed very well. Nicole gives pointers for the girls, such as how to hold a strong frame.

    Mirrored vines is something I’ve never actually seen anyone else do on a country dance floor so I couldn’t wait to try it out, especially since I know others haven’t seen it much either. (Tip for the guys, if the girl you’re dancing with is a new two-stepper, you might wanna give her a heads up & show her how to do the mirrored vines before just going out on the dance floor, off to the side of the floor. This gives girls a better chance of keeping in rhythm with you when it counts, and keeping everyone’s confidence up, so she’ll wanna dance more).

    Shawn and Nicole demonstrate how to move into and out of each of these three patterns, plus how they can be connected with each other when dancing, including the proper release (exit) from these positions. At the end of the video in review, bonus material, and practice, Shawn adds a ton more ways to build on these patterns, such as where to include a turn for the girl, switching from side to side (in skater’s), torque turns, explaining what steps to add in, what extra steps you can take out, etc.

    Another hint for the guys, try to practice at least one of these moves with each person you dance with on a given night when you go out two-stepping, until you’ve mastered that move. Don’t try to do too much to the point you confuse yourself. One step at a time. I dance with 10-15 people a night, which is good practice. BTW I carry a cheat sheet in my wallet to remind me which moves I’m practicing, otherwise I tend to slip into old moves I wasn’t intending on doing.”

  8. John (verified owner)

    They are excellent for beginners

    “I have now bought several of Shawn’s videos. They are excellent for beginners, and the advanced DVD’s really help you improve your dance techniques.”

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