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Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 2

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Progress around the floor with this intermediate 2Step course that will have you mastering the several Hand Changes, Outside Torque Turns, Leader’s Underarm Turns, Wrap/UnWrap, Accelerated Timing, and more Two-Step Moves & Patterns with ease.

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If you are confident with the concepts covered in Two-Step 101, and in further depth and detail in Two-Step Basics 1, 2, and 3, then you are ready to take on the "Wrap and Release" mastered in Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 2.

Using his signature step-by-step instruction style, Shawn and Nicole will dance along with you as you master a wrap and release combination, and how to get into it from closed and two-hand hold positions.

Also, you'll learn how to exit from it back to closed dance position, how to add some style with a variety of exits and rhythm syncopations, & how to incorporate the underarm turns, torque turns, and wrap/unwrap combinations into your own personal social dance routine so the group of Moves and Patterns taught in this lesson join your Texas 2-Step repertoire in your long-term memory.

5 reviews for Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 2

  1. Chris B (verified owner)

    Recommend this for everyone

    “Really love these videos I love the tie in from the previous lessons really make it feel like im in the studio with him. The fact that the go over both partners parts in the dance really helps me out so I know what’s going on from both sides of the floor. I would recommend these to anyone.”

  2. S Hutchens (verified owner)

    Great Teaching! Great Tips! Great Time!

    “I can’t say enough about these video lessons. Shawn and Nicole make learning the two step fun and easy. The Moves and Patterns lessons help you reinforce your basics and push you to try new moves all at the same time! I really love how each dance lesson has an ‘overview’ of what you’ll be learning at the beginning, and then has a ‘bonus section’ at the end that where Shawn gives you a variety of options of ways you can incorporate all the new moves into your dancing. I can’t wait to get on the dance floor and try them out!”

  3. Ronald A. Broadhurst (verified owner)

    Shawn Trautman New Two-Step dance lesson videos

    “Wow! I am really pleased with this latest set of Two-Step dance lesson videos from Shawn Trautman. I have several of his previous videos including the Basic Two-Step three lesson set. The first two lssons of this intermediate level set that I have studied are just awesome. This second video lesson in the series covers the cape and wrap patterns that will be the foundation for more patterns. The pattern moves are repeated several times and shown from different angles so that you can see all the subtleties of the different patterns presented. Then there are review and practice chapters in each lesson. And then there is a bonus chapter in each dance lesson with optional moves that can be added to the patterns presented before. I really feel that now I can go out on the dance floor and look like I know something about this dance. I am looking forward to the release of the remainder of this set of DVDs. I would highly recommend this new dance lesson series to anyone wanting to improve their Two-Step knowledge.”

  4. Jazoomba (verified owner)

    Nice Volume, Use the Tips & Tricks

    “Vol. 2 continues to build off Vol. 1., focusing on hand changes, special techniques for outside torque turns/ guy turn/ lady free turn/ wrap.

    This is another of my favorite volumes because these moves are very popular in the country dance halls, which some guys do incorrectly. It’s one thing to go through the motions on the dance floor, sure you can stumble through it on a dance floor, but it’s quite another to hit the move with good hand placement, in step, with rhythm. Shawn and Nicole teach you key micro hand movements along with many tips that guys MUST do (and girls MUST learn what the guys are trying to do) in order for the moves to work properly.

    You simply cannot pick up the subtle hand changes or hand placements by observing people on the dance floor because it all happens way too fast; the moves will be invisible to you. The instruction from Shawn and Nicole are superb, as usual! They breakdown these subtle moves piece by piece so you can perfect them.

    Let me give you an example of what happens if you do NOT use the tips Shawn teaches in the video: When I practiced the sequence of dance moves (in Section 1 of the lesson, outside torque turn + 1 guy turn + lady free turn) over the weekend at my local country dance hall, the girls spun too fast, or too many times, or were confused. Why is that? Because “I” failed to execute the moves correctly! When I went back to the lesson videos to see what happened, I noticed I was not using the tips Shawn taught me! I needed to stop the girl from turning by using the little trick (for guys) Shawn taught in the video. That’s why it’s so important to use the tips Shawn/Nicole give you, otherwise you’re just going through the basic motions. You should practice exactly what’s in the videos, and go back to review to check if you’ve missed anything, often you’ll see that extra tip you need to add into your moves.

    Nice to see the different angles. I would definitely recommend this Volume.”

  5. lisbeth (verified owner)

    Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 2

    “In Volume 2 of Two-Step Moves & Patterns, Shawn breaks down wraps and turns that look complicated but within minutes you’re dancing right along with him. Using my very basic knowledge of Two-Step, I was able to learn all the moves in a short time. Can’t wait for the next Volume.”

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