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Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 4

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Progress around the floor with this intermediate 2Step course that will have you mastering the Outside Turn into an Open Release, Cross-body and Back Presentations, Multiple Hand Changes, Combination including Presentations and Leader’s Underarm Turns, and more Two-Step Moves & Patterns with ease.

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Two-Step Moves & Patterns takes your dancing to the next level by making Presentations easy and fun. As you master various presentations, this video focuses on how to dance free spins, crossbows, several connected turns & more. And, of course, Shawn will always deliver lead and follow Country 2-Step dancing that's perfect for the nightclubs.

Make sure your boots are polished, because once you've built your foundation with the 3 core presentation patterns, you are going to be cookin' on the dance floor as you amp up the heat with bonus moves that make creole jambalaya feel bland. Get ready to rock the classics along with the Shawn Trautman signature twist with Shawn Trautman's Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 4!

3 reviews for Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 4

  1. Chris B (verified owner)

    like all the volumes that come before this is great …

    “like all the volumes that come before this is great leaves you with a greater under standing of the moves and patterns. Every time I make my way out on the dance floor to try some of theses moves out I feel confident that I can lead and preform all the moves I have learned. I like how he pulls from the videos before to make things fresh and you really get a good idea on how to tie in moves.”

  2. Gary Lee (verified owner)

    Turns That Look Really Cool

    “As soon as I started this lesson and saw exactly what Shawn & Nicole were gonna teach (in the intro), I KNEW this was gonna be a good lesson! I was right. BTW I’m still amazed at the level of detailed instruction, camera angles, and # of tips that Shawn is able to give the viewers.

    Some of the turns Shawn shows us in Vol. 4 look like some of the advanced turns I’ve seen on the dance floor, that I could never do before bc I didn’t know how, so I was excited to learn them here. Then something incredible happened while I was practicing these moves at my local dancehall, which definitely tells me most of the dance patterns on this DVD have NOT been used by the guys on the dance floor…

    After I went through the dance lesson a few times, studying the lessons, memorizing when to turn, where to put my hands, what steps to turn on, etc., I felt like I was ready enough to try the moves out for real. Then after dancing w the girls, some of which were new, and some who are my regulars, they came away from the dance w some kind of shock on their faces, they looked at me and said, “I’ve never danced like that before”, “Let’s do it again!” Say whuuut?! You talking to ME?! I kept getting asked “Where did you learn how to dance like that bc you sure didn’t learn that around here!”

    I watch girls at the dancehall get swung around pretty hard on the two-step by some guys, as if it’s an east coast swing. After dancing w me, the kind of feedback I’ve been getting is how they liked the style of the dance, the pace or tempo of the dance, and the specific turns in the dance. This is great, this is exactly what I’ve been striving for, thank you Shawn!

    The funny thing is I haven’t even mastered these moves yet. I still have a long ways to go of practice before I truly feel comfortable. To a certain degree, I’m stumbling around the dance floor, sometimes hitting the moves right, sometimes not, but the girls typically don’t notice all that. In the end, they are enjoying the moves too, and things should really just continue to get better as I get better.

    Lessons taught on Vol. 4 were outside prep (open prep) to open release; then some additional turns in the middle of those moves to include forward and backward presentations; plus four other turning methods (including the bonus material) for the guy and gal, which focus on where your hands should be (hi, low, shoulder), helping determine the kind of turn you can do.

    Thanks again, I’m really enjoying learning the moves and patterns you’re teaching.”

  3. lisbeth (verified owner)

    Two-Step Moves & Patterns

    “Volume 4 shows presentations both front and back with open release and underarm turns. It shows moves that build to very graceful presentations. The combination turns and especially the back turn for the leader can really be challenging. This is where the pause button on the video player comes in handy. Shawn really gives detailed instructions to help you accomplish the move the way it is intended to be done. This move really looks great and is well worth the extra effort it took us. Now it flows so smoothly, it seems like we have been doing it forever.”

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