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Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 7

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Progress around the floor with this intermediate 2Step course. You will master the Left Turn to Follower’s Reverse Turn with Double Turn Exit, Left Turn to Follower’s Reverse Turn with Hand Change to Side-by-Side Switches to Cut-Off with Open Release, Left Turn to Follower’s Reverse Turn with Hand Change to Side-by-Side Switches to Cut-Off to Rotating Cross-body Inside and Outside Turns for both Leaders and Followers with Open Release, and more Two-Step Moves & Patterns with ease.

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The Hesitation is the name of the game for Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 7, but as you tackle and take ownership of the 3 patterns and unprecedented 16 plus moves during this exhilarating lesson, there will be no stopping you! Take pride in your accomplishment as longer patterns, more complex moves, and more detailed technique secrets are revealed in this latest intermediate Two Step dance lesson.

As always, Shawn and Nicole Frye give you several bonus moves after the 3 primary patterns are taught that incorporate moves from other volumes along with a few new tricks that take your 3 master patterns and make the possibilities endless… Even though the "Hesitation" is the name of the game, there is certainly no stopping great dancing here with Shawn Trautman's intermediate dance lessons on Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 7!

4 reviews for Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 7

  1. Chris B (verified owner)

    Fun, smooth and looks professional on the floor

    “Another lesson to gain confidence. this one for me was a really fun one I picked up on it really quick and was able to master the moves almost on my first time trying them! Best set of compound moves that flow together really well. I can’t wait to try this out on the floor!”

  2. Chris Morgan (verified owner)

    Wow moves

    “Okay, I will be honest, I may have hit the rewind button a few more times on this one then the other moves and patters videos but it was well worth it. He goes step by step, but he packs so much info into this dance lesson and a certain section that I just could not keep up. However, I don’t mind one bit because hitting rewind only means I am getting more then my moneys worth. Excellent video with fantastic moves. Love it! Nice music choices too by the way.”

  3. Gary Lee (verified owner)

    Challenge yourself and you’ll be amazed at the reward!

    I really liked this dance lesson, and ended up spending more time practicing with the patterns here that Shawn and Nicole taught. I was most challenged in Section 3. My partner is supposed to come through and do a turn and it’s my job to stop her midway, then do my own turn. The problem is girls are so used to completing their turns, that I could never get them to stop their momentum, and they would keep turning. Shawn teaches guys the correct way to put his hand on his partner’s shoulder blade, but I’m too gentle when I dance so I still wasn’t making my intention “known” to my dance partners so-to-speak. As the lead, I knew this was on me, I had to do ‘something’ differently in order to make this turn work, even if on a subtle, unconscious level, and I needed to practice enough until my hand “signaled” to the girl what I wanted her to do (stop the turn). So I kept working with these patterns until it just started to click (the girl picked up my signal). I don’t know what I’d do if there weren’t so many angles Shawn and Nicole demonstrated from, so I was always able to come back to the lesson video and check to see if I was on the right track. The bonus section is packed with material and encourages mixing previous moves into any of the patterns from this dance lesson. When these moves are done properly and smoothly on the dance floor, they look good from the view of people watching. It’s hard to describe what exact patterns you will learn here, you really just have to get the lessons and see for yourself.

  4. Jazuumba (verified owner)

    Easy to master

    “Moves and Patterns Vol 7–Trautman/Frye present a bounty of graceful and cool moves in this dance lesson. Guys will particularly enjoy the challenge they are given in this material with what my dance partner and I call the SHINY RED BALL move. Ever seen a little kid’s reaction to some beautiful, bright, shiny object–big eyes, ooohhs and aaahhs? That is the look we get from people watching this move; and, quite frankly, sometimes it even wows us into staring and ooohhing!

    As always, with Trautman’s video instruction, the moves are presented in easy to master sections where the leads are broken down and presented in painstaking detail from multiple angles. You work the individual pieces at your own pace and then go back and add on the next section. And, the bonus section of this dance lesson is really packed. Trautman demonstrates how to link moves presented in earlier volumes of the Moves & Patterns set onto the back end of SHINY RED BALL to create longer, more interesting, and customizable patterns. With the completion of this volume, my dance partner and I are beginning to really feel confident linking together our favorite moves. This is what we were looking for in an instructional package–the ability to create our own “art” within the dance.”

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