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West Coast Swing 101 – Dance Lesson DVD

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A beginner West Coast Swing course that will have you mastering the rhythm, timing, connection, basic steps, and more of West Coast Swing with ease.


West Coast Swing 101 starts with you seeing & experiencing ‘West Coast’ to get a good feel for how it’s danced. From there, West Coast Swing is broken down into simple, yet manageable lessons that make the instruction easy to follow along with. You’ll soon be dancing West Coast style by working through several rhythm & timing drills both for the men & the ladies in place to ensure you understand and feel it the way you should. Next, you’ll get ‘hands-on’ as you work your way through the specific West Coast Swing connection points (these are different for West Coast Swing) & style tips that help make you look the part! It’s easy to overlook a lot of the detail, so pay attention to the “little things” as you go (i.e., posture, compression, timing, hand connections, anchor steps, size of your steps, where to look, etc.). When you’re ready, you’ll learn & test your skills with several fun moves like left side passes, inside & outside turns you can use with anyone & take to the floor immediately. Plus, you’ll have a full soundtrack of great West Coast Swing music playing through the entire lesson that doubles as a practice tool each time you use the DVD afterwards – just turn it on and practice until you’re ready to go out.

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