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West Coast Swing 6 Pack

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A complete West Coast Swing Mastery System that includes a beginner lesson, 3 intermediate lessons, and 2 advanced lessons that will have you dancing along with Shawn & Joanna in minutes!

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Read more Original price was: $209.94 USD.Current price is: $149.99 USD.

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In this AMAZING set of West Coast Swing videos, Shawn & Joanna Trautman take you on a journey unlike anything you've done to date w/your current dance lessons. You'll go from absolute beginner knowing nothing about West Coast basics or sugar push to a confident lead & follow dancer that understands multiple rhythms & a slew of material that can be danced with anyone.

How? You ask? Well, when you combine Shawn Trautman's attention to detail and proven teaching method with sound technical skill and creative moves, you get a recipe for success unparalleled in online video dance lessons! The West Coast Swing 6 Pack, whether with Shawn's proven online learning videos or DVD format, is not only a great start, it's a true 'how to dance West Coast Swing' series that will take you from "I know nothing about West Coast Swing" to "I LOVE West Coast Swing!". You'll get everything from beginner to intermediate and advanced West Coast Swing lessons in one, convenient set of West Coast Swing (WCS) videos that walks you straight from square one through eye-popping advanced moves!

In this impressive set you'll start out with West Coast Swing 101 and go through the basics and all the intricacies of what makes West Coast Swing really tick.

From there, you'll go into the Moves & Patterns series (Volumes 1-3) and you'll get all the details of how to do things like sugar pushes, inside rolls, inside & outside turns, hand changes, whips (inside, outside, basket, extended, etc.) and much more!

Last, you'll dabble into the Advanced West Coast Swing lessons and you'll see just how complex WCS can get, but also how easy it can be if the instruction is broken down the right way.

In addition to all of the above, each West Coast Swing lesson will be chock full of blues and dance music (West Coast Swing music) that will allow you to practice along with as you get more & more comfortable with the instruction. Truly, if you really want to learn West Coast Swing, take a look at this brand new format and get yourself dancing, fast!

WCS Dance Lesson Videos Included in this Set

  • West Coast Swing 101
  • West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Vol. 1
  • West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Vol. 2
  • West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Vol. 3
  • West Coast Swing Advanced Vol. 1
  • West Coast Swing Advanced Vol. 2

Buy now and start dancing today with instant online dance lessons, or as soon as the mail can deliver your DVDs!

5 reviews for West Coast Swing 6 Pack

  1. Jenn A. (verified owner)

    Great new moves!

    “I am not new to West Coast Swing but I am certainly not an expert. I thoroughly enjoyed the light-hearted (they have FUN teaching) and informative DVD Moves and Patterns Vol. 1, and look forward to the rest of the series. If you have already gone through beginner videos or classes, this it a good next choice. One of my favorite parts was at the beginning where you learn how to start a dance without being arms-distance apart.

    Shawn and Joanna Trautman explain the moves completely, and show close-ups of both hands and feet so you get a good snapshot of what you should look like doing the moves. I have also been lucky enough to attend more than one of his live classes, and even dance with Shawn Trautman personally. He is just as patient and fun to dance with in person as he is in the videos!”

  2. Dean J. (verified owner)

    Get Up and Move with Volume I Patterns

    “As I mentioned in my review of West Coast Swing “101” Shawn and JoAnna’s grasp of what the student needs first as fundamentals and then as they progress is fantastic. I can’t even get this by going to so called “private lessons” where a half hour lesson is costing upwards of $50-95. This Volume is completely broken down into six step foot patterns. It builds on the 101 dance lesson as they put more emphasis on the “cool” looking turns and passes. But once again they do stress you must understand the basic’s first…. even when I go to dance lessons with various instructors they have you going through sophisticated moves to quickly… I guess they figure the students will get bored with the basic footwork, however the fundamentals are key before any of these moves.

    Shawn and JoAnna do an excellent job of taking their time and explaining and demonstrating each of the patterns and moves and break them down so each one builds on the previous. Once again I am not a competitive dancer, however by watching and emulating Shawn’s body movement with the patterns and his footwork you can only get better and better. But like everything else in life that you would like to accomplish YOU MUST PRACTICE …. you can’t just sit back and absorb it… that won’t happen.

    So get up and get going… purchase their products, focus and have fun, as they do by dancing the night away !!!! And if you have trouble they even have a toll free number for which you can call… and they do answer or call you back if you have difficulty with any of the instruction…. and to boot they are very sincere and pleasant on the phone. “

  3. Don G. (verified owner)

    I find the West Coast Swing Dance Lessons in particular have these three plusses:

    “1) They are clear, showing and talking about the moves from different angles. There’s opportunity for people with different learning styles to pick them up. 2) The progression of moves is sensible. Many group lessons and U tube videos are mostly independent of the previous week’s lesson. These dance lessons follow a logical progression, so the viewer feels a gradual but continual improvement. 3) Most of the curriculum is about groups of related moves: different whip variations, different exits, etc. This makes it easier for the beginner to feel that he or she is going on the floor with a decent number of alternatives.”

  4. Ms. Happy (verified owner)

    Great Way to Learn West Coast Swing!

    “The Shawn Trautman West Coast Swing 101 dance video really helped me to learn this dance from the very beginning. I’ve been trying to learn this dance for a long time. These instructors have a great method of teaching the steps by introducing the counting in a clear and easy way so that there is a good understanding of how the rhythm sequences are used later in the dance. I especially liked the transition from the basic walking steps to the step counting in more complex combinations. Before I even realized it, I was actually dancing these steps confidently through each section of the video. This is a great lesson and the best part is that it can be taken again and again just by playing the video for review and practice!”

  5. Yorkie Mama (verified owner)

    Super Duper!

    “My husband and I picked up this video hoping to better learn West Coast Swing. Despite my husband’s background in swing and receiving professional instruction, we never were able to get our our proper timing together. We would dance together and have fun but not without frustration! The methods and techniques shown in this video have brought the correct rhythm and steps into view for the both of us! The instruction starts at a very basic level so one can understand the fundamentals and true roots of West Coast and allows you to move on, step by step, at the pace you are comfortable with. It’s very similar to math…if you don’t understand the very first beginning steps, you will soon become very overwhelmed and LOST! Not here! Both Shawn and Joanna show the woman’s and man’s steps while you are moving though the steps with them creating lots of confidence for the both us. I definitely would recommend this video to anyone who is interested in learning how to West Coast or even brush up on the very basics of steps! Thanks guys..very well done and looking forward to seeing you both in the next dance lesson video!”

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