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West Coast Swing 6 Pack – Online Dance Lessons

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A complete West Coast Swing Mastery System that includes a beginner lesson, 3 intermediate lessons, and 2 advanced lessons that will have you dancing along with Shawn & Joanna in minutes!

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In this AMAZING set of West Coast Swing videos, Shawn & Joanna Trautman take you on a journey unlike anything you’ve done to date w/your current dance lessons. You’ll go from absolute beginner knowing nothing about West Coast basics or sugar push to a confident lead & follow dancer that understands multiple rhythms & a slew of material that can be danced with anyone.

How? You ask? Well, when you combine Shawn Trautman’s attention to detail and proven teaching method with sound technical skill and creative moves, you get a recipe for success unparalleled in online video dance lessons! The West Coast Swing Mastery System set is not only a great start, it’s a true ‘how to dance West Coast Swing’ series that will take you from “I know nothing about West Coast Swing” to “I LOVE West Coast Swing!”. You’ll get everything from beginner to intermediate and advanced West Coast Swing lessons in one, convenient set of West Coast Swing (WCS) videos!

In this impressive set you’ll start out with West Coast Swing 101 and go through the basics and all the intricacies of what makes West Coast Swing really tick.

From there, you’ll go into the Moves & Patterns series (Volumes 1-3) and you’ll get all the details of how to do things like sugar pushes, inside rolls, inside & outside turns, hand changes, whips (inside, outside, basket, extended, etc.) and much more!

Last, you’ll dabble into the Advanced West Coast Swing lessons and you’ll see just how complex WCS can get, but also how easy it can be if the instruction is broken down the right way.

In addition to all of the above, each West Coast Swing lesson will be chock full of blues and dance music (West Coast Swing music) that will allow you to practice along with as you get more & more comfortable with the instruction. Truly, if you really want to learn West Coast Swing, take a look at this brand new format and get yourself dancing, fast!

WCS Dance Lesson Videos Included in this Set

  • West Coast Swing 101
  • West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Vol. 1
  • West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Vol. 2
  • West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Vol. 3
  • West Coast Swing Advanced Vol. 1
  • West Coast Swing Advanced Vol. 2

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