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West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Volume 2

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Hit the dance floor with this intermediate WC Swing course. You will master the Fundamental 8 Count West Coast Swing Rhythm, Open Whip, Basic Whip, Basket Whip, Whip with a Slot Change, Various Exits, and more West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns with ease.

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Take the next step in West Coast Swing with Moves & Patterns Volume 2 and the lessons that focus on a tool box of whip patterns. Not only will you go through the Whip patterns and variations, you'll also get different leads, style & technique on entrances and exits and you'll also get several fun combinations that you can dance with anyone. In addition, you'll learn how to dance each piece independently as well as a group and you'll get some bonus/challenge moves to keep you on your toes at the end. Oh, and yes, you'll get some great West Coast Swing music to practice to throughout the video!

2 reviews for West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Volume 2

  1. Chris Morgan (verified owner)

    On point!

    Be sure to watch his WCS moves and patters 1 before going into this one or you may be a bit lost. That said, this DVD took what we learned in vol 1 to another level of impressive moves. On this one they cover ‘the whip’ (amongst other moves and techniques) which we have been really enjoying showcasing at our favorite venue. Again with easy to follow instructions and we are always impressed with Shawn and Joanna’s outgoing and fun personalities throughout the video. I highly recommend this video and all 6 of their new west coast swing dance lessons.

  2. Shelley Chiong (verified owner)

    EXCELLENT! Very clear instructions & fun to watch

    “I’ve watched a number of dance videos, from the videos I purchased online (I now own 12!) & a few loaned from the libraries. Got to say that the videos produced by Shawn Trautman Dance Instructions are by far The BEST!!! The instructions are very clear, & the arrangement & pace are just PERFECT for a beginner/intermediate dancer like me. Shawn & Joanna deliver the moves the simplest way so everybody gets it regardless of one’s tyle of learning. Stay active & be entertained on your own or with a partner using S & J Trautman’s videos. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the contents of all his videos as I truly am. WCS dance lesson videos by S. Trautman – a great investment for health!

    Further, I’ve taken so far 30 hrs of group lessons on WCS & 22 hours of Ballroom. I can now assert that 50% of my learning is attributed to my religious practice with Shawn Trautman’s video instructions, 25% on group lessons & 25% over practice with other dancers. ‘So lucky that I get to watch & practice with friends over again & anywhere using Trautman’s videos. Dancing is a great form of exercise & entertainment to stay healthy. So, I strongly recommend to buy!”

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