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Searching for a Support System

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How important is a strong support system?

Depends, right?

Are we talking about structural support or human support?

Interestingly, they’re similar.

Drywall, in and of itself, can provide some basic support. Any single human, in and of itself, can provide some basic support.

The greater the potential load in either case, the greater the need for something stronger below the surface.

Having the right tools to find, tap into and use foundational pieces like studs is essential if the potential stress level is high, else failure is imminent.

It’s not as easy for humans to find, tap into and use strong foundational pieces in other humans. You can’t just buy a tool and scan people’s heads (although that’d be super cool!). Ultimately, it’ll come from either friends, family or professionals / trusted advisors (includes books, online videos, spiritual leaders, etc).

Family members may be able to help you with the type of support you need, but they might not.

Friends may be able to help you with the type of support you need, but they may not.

Professionals may be able to help you with the type of support you need, but they may not.

Each of the human examples above can provide surface level support at a minimum, but beyond that, you have to develop your own internal tools so you’ll know how to get and gauge the right type of human support for what you’re going through or need help with.

I say human support because it’s different than faith-based support.

The statement “No man is an island!” essentially says we’d all fail miserably if we were completely on our own.

Who can you really turn to and trust in a time of need? Who do you physically go to for support?

The song “Lean on me!” is a great example of how we all need someone to lean on. I’ll be there for you and help you and before long I’ll need someone too.

No one can do it all without support. It’s impossible. And you’ll need lots of support and, generally, it’ll come from a combination of all 3 sources.

Support from only one of the three (family, friends, or professionals) will often create it’s own stress over time. Look for options of who to go to in a time of need. Maybe tap more than one of your support groups?

Varied views and perspectives help you build your own foundation and the stronger it is, the more weight you can withstand.

The stronger your own is, the easier it is to help others by sharing your own experiences. And, it’s important to give support as well as get it. Don’t just take from others as that’s a short-term one-sided strategy that doesn’t end well long-term. And, beware of those who merely use you for yours without any reciprocation. It’ll drain you.

Look for support. Go beyond surface levels. Help others. Lean and be leaned on.

Strong foundational support systems are essential for each of us to thrive.


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