About Our DVD/Videos


Long known as one of the best all-around teachers, Shawn Trautman developed an entire brand of dance instruction DVDs based on a broad range of experiences he brings to the table. Below is a summary of what goes into each DVD:

  • 20+ years teaching experience

  • Coach/Mentor to World Champions

  • Published Author (Thomson, 2006)

  • MBA: Leadership/Training Trainers

  • Exclusive Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Numerous Top-Teacher Awards

  • Experienced Club Owner

  • Small-business owner

  • Experienced Dee-Jay

  • 75+ DVDs developed

Why choose Shawn Trautman's How to Dance Videos for your lessons?

Because choosing the wrong dance instructor may severely limit your progress and you may give up on your dance lessons based on the fact that you're just NOT getting it!

  • A top-rated product line built off of customer feedback

    The first 1.5yrs of Shawn Trautman's DVD product line was spent developing products and soliciting end-user feedback. It was very important to Shawn to deliver exactly what his paying customers wanted out of products and that's what he now has - a well-developed product line built off of customer feedback. You'll notice a significant difference in the details of Shawn Trautman Instruction videos when compared against any other learn to dance DVDs.

  • Easy to follow instruction

    The instruction in each DVD is presented exactly how you'd dance it (what you see is what you do). Also, Shawn is well versed in "beginner-ease" as he has an MBA in organizational leadership & "training trainers" with a focus on key elements of the learning cycle.

  • Advanced learning techniques

    Each DVD is built with advanced learning techniques where you learn the building blocks of the dances first, and then build on top of them learning each piece at a time (timing, then footwork, then small sequences, then frame, then basics, and so on with plenty of time for reviews and practicing).

  • Simple break down of EVERY step

    Don't expect to be wow'ed by "flash and trash" or a lot of fancy "here I'll show you once" type of instruction; rather, expect a great instructional DVD that will flat out teach you how to dance. Shawn breaks down every step to it's most basic movement whether for line dances or for the man's or the lady's part when dancing with a partner.

  • Picture-in-Picture technology

    At appropriate times throughout a number of the DVDs, you'll find Picture-in-Picture formatting that enhances the view of the footwork from a slightly different angle so you have the option of what to follow along with. Shawn hand-picked the views with the studio editors to ensure the timing and feel delivered what was necessary for the consumer.

  • Multiple camera angles

    Each of Shawn's DVDs is filmed using 2, 3 or more camera angles so you see the total picture of what you need to be doing as well as close-ups of specifics, like the feet or hands when learning particular movements or foundational concepts. This is where our students find a definite advantage with our DVDs when compared to a group class or even private lessons – you can't always get a good view of what you need to in a live setting, where with Shawn's DVDs, you are ensured a great view every time.

  • Professional studio quality

    The film production quality adds to your experience as a dance student. There is nothing more distracting than sloppy camera work or a malfunctioning DVD menu. We work with Hollywood and television quality film teams to ensure that each dance lesson is recorded, edited, and produced with you, the student and viewer, in mind.

  • Designed for all ages

    Each of Shawn Trautman's Instruction DVDs was designed and developed with all ages in mind. The products were tested with school aged children, college students, baby boomers, and senior citizens with great results from each demographic as they felt it was easily adaptable to their own styles.

  • Depth and breadth of knowledge

    Shawn has competed and taught in Country, Swing, and Ballroom and has coached and mentored numerous World Champions for over 20 years! Shawn has developed curriculum specific for beginners all the way through advanced levels on Line Dancing, Swing, Two-Step, West Coast Swing and many other dances. Shawn is also still a student of the game and loves to experiment with techniques and moves from others to continuously add to his arsenal and refine his strengths.

  • Exclusive 100% money-back Guarantee

    100% Satisfaction (Money-Back) Guarantee! Shawn's Dance Lesson DVDs are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction in every way and we've now made it easy to use them all at no risk. For more about the Guarantee, please see our Guarantee page and get started today!

Common Questions

How long are the DVDs? Would these DVDs complement either group classes or private lessons? What is the DVD Format/Region coding? What do I need so I don't look foolish in front of others? Can I really learn to dance using your DVDs? Shawn Trautman vs. learning to dance on YouTube How fast do you go through the steps? What is dance cueing? Why do people say Shawn is the best? What's different about the way you teach? Is private instruction better then learning from Shawn's DVDs? Benefits of Learning to Dance using Shawn Trautman DVDs

DVD Length

All of the new 101 DVDs are approximately 60 minute lessons (some a bit longer, some just under). The line dance videos range from about 65 minutes to 92 minutes. Most of the other dance lesson videos go anywhere from about 70 minutes up to over 2hrs in length.

Would these DVDs complement either group classes or private lessons?

Yes! There are several advantages to using Shawn Trautman's DVDs, either as stand-alone tools or as supplementary ones. First and foremost, all the information is recorded in a logical manner for you to review at any time. When you take classes or private lessons, the amount of information thrown at you can be overwhelming, and when you get home to practice, it's likely that a good percentage of it is gone. The most common complaint from people who take group lessons or private lessons is the amount of information they forget. Using Shawn Trautman's DVDs along with your lessons provides you with great foundational tools that will almost undoubtedly fill in holes that might have been overlooked during group dance class or private lessons. Using the DVDs in addition to the live classes is like adding an additional instructor to all your practice time and will guarantee to speed up your learning curve.

What is the DVD Format/Region coding?

DVD formats contained on our site are NTSC format only and are coded as "All-Region". We do not carry PAL or SECAM formatting for customers outside of the U.S.; however, many non-US DVD players are dual formatted and play NTSC, so please check your manual for this feature. All DVDs for purchase on our site are formatted for "All-Region" and can be played on all DVD players in the US or abroad. If you're unsure, we'd recommend you order and if it doesn't work, we have a full 100% money-back guarantee so there's no risk to you.

Shawn Trautman vs. learning how to dance on YouTube

Ahhh, YouTube.com, where the world is your audience. Almost anything you can think of, someone has posted a video on the subject. This definitely includes learning to dance, whether it's how to line dance, country dance, Swing dance or anything in between. There are thousands of videos from around the world on each of the dances and you can go crazy just trying to find something decent. Some are just snippets of dance classes, social dances, or nightclub dancing, and simply show a group of people out on the dance floor having fun. Other videos are posted by people who fashion themselves as dancers and/or instructors, and are seeking to build their personal brand by offering free videos on different dances. In any case, these dance videos can offer endless hours of entertainment if you simply want to watch the good, the bad, the ugly, and the downright hilarious of the dance world.

Now, if you are seeking instructions on how to dance (and truly know what you're doing), however, BEWARE! Not all is as it seems. Everyone is an expert on YouTube.com – just ask them! If they have a camera, a stereo, and a computer or phone to facilitate the video upload, then VOILA! Instant dance expert. WATCH OUT!!!! For the most part these well-intentioned individuals are not trained instructors, and may or may not even know the names of the steps they are doing, much less how to clearly explain how they are doing them.

Would you be satisfied with an elementary school teacher whose only credential was “Well, I went to elementary school once…”? Would you feel safe getting in a vehicle where the driver told you “I’ll do my best – I’ve seen other people do this before”? No? Then why trust your dance lessons, and the way you end up looking on the dance floor to the self-proclaimed experts of the freebie YouTube world? Is your time so cheap that you can afford to waste hours combing through bad videos trying to choose which steps to learn first? Worse, once you finally settle on a dance to learn, you spend even more valuable time finding a video where you can see the feet all the way through the move. Now that you FINALLY have your video, how much success are you having standing in front of your computer, mimicking what the dancer on the screen is doing, in reverse, and jumping back and forth to continuously pause, rewind, and restart the video to give yourself a chance to figure out the steps?

Is this how you want to spend your time? NO!!! You want to dance! Trust Shawn Trautman and the expertise and professionalism he offers with the dance lesson DVDs throughout this site and look great and feel confident on the dance floor in no time. The step-by-step instructions and stacked learning, filled with tips, drills, and well-timed repetition points that are signature features of the Shawn Trautman Instruction Method were designed to make dance lessons fun and easy. Keep YouTube for entertainment value, but let Shawn Trautman and his no-nonsense foolproof methods get you dancing!

How fast do you go through the steps?

Have you already tried a local dance class and felt a little bit left behind? Did you find yourself spending most of your time thinking to yourself alternating thoughts of “Just a minute, I almost had that!” and “What was that again?” Did you find yourself so caught trying to figure out what the instructor’s feet were doing you entirely missed the the lead that your arms and torso were supposed to be doing, and are now even further behind than you were before? Are you quaking at the thought of even trying to move your feet at the speed of the dancers you see on the dance floor, let along get up in front of other people and attempt to keep pace with the crowd as you learn? Have you tried a dance instruction video from someone other than Shawn Trautman and spent your entire time rewinding and replaying a section over and over?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please continue reading. The Shawn Trautman Instruction Method was created first and foremost with beginners in mind. All of the curriculum on each of the beginner dance lesson DVDs in Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection is paced to ease you into each movement, allow your body to adapt to new positions and motions, and provide repeated opportunities for your mind to create neuromuscular cues for each new sensation. Just as the secret’s in the sauce, it’s not just in the speed that Shawn calls out steps. There are several levels of planning, choreography, and cueing techniques that Shawn weaves together to create an optimal learning environment for his beginner students. If you are ready to trust Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection with your dancing, get started today with the dance lesson DVD that best fits your needs and discover your own dancing success.

What do I need to know so I don’t look foolish in front of others?

The beat of the music is echoing in your head, the lights overhead are starting to make you a little dizzy, and most of all, you just wish there was tele-transporter from Star Trek right there in the middle of the dance floor to take you somewhere else. Anywhere else. Well, anywhere that wasn’t on the dance floor or in sight of the other people in the class. Your ears burn as you know you aren’t doing the same thing as everyone else, are facing the wrong side of the room, and can’t make your feet do the quick twisty flick turn thing that everyone else seems to be executing like they were born with dance shoes on their feet!

Sound familiar? You are not alone. Almost every beginner dancer who jumps directly onto the social dance floor or even into group classes experiences this awful sensation of awkwardness and really, let’s call a spade a spade, and identify this as humiliation. None of us enjoy this experience, but a handful of the potential dancers that try it decide to grit their teeth and endure MONTHS of this personal agony of looking and feeling inept, uncoordinated, and behind everyone else and eventually manage to get the hang of a few of the dances. These are the people that surround you in the beginner class. A little known line dance SECRET: THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU IN A BEGINNER DANCE CLASS WHO KNOW THE STEPS ARE NOT REALLY BEGINNERS! They’ve simply hung in there long enough, paid “their dues” in humiliation and looking foolish, and now they can execute a few of the beginner steps competently.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO FEEL OR LOOK FOOLISH ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!! There are a few things that you need to know, understand, and be able to execute, but once you have these concepts and tools under control, you can join any dance class or just jump in on the social dance floor with the knowledge that you look good and you know what you’re doing.

So, what do you need to know? As part of the Shawn Trautman Instruction Method, we always work from the floor up.

First, you need to know the basic steps and rhythm patterns that make up each of the dances (there’s a quite a few of them). Your feet need to know how to move on the dance floor. Each of the dances included under the umbrella of social dancing is an excellent low impact activity that almost anyone can enjoy, but before you can do it well, your feet need to know how and when to step to create each of the dances.

Ok, so steps are well and good, but you want to dance. Remember? Yes. Shawn understands. He’s not going to send you back to Ballet Basics and have you stand at a barre and practice foot positions. Now that your feet are moving, you need to figure out how to dance with a partner, and only then can you add in all the cool moves that make the different dances really fun.

What is dance cueing? Why do people say you are the best?

Have you ever attended a play at a primary school and saw that one particular teacher who was crouched off to the side whisper not so quietly to the youngster tongue-tied in the middle of the stage “Roger, now you say to Madeline, ‘We are on our way to the castle Lady Ann…’” The whispered words are enough to cause poor little Roger to jerk back to life, look at the now impatient Madeline, and attempt to regain the temporary lost momentum of the plot. Cueing during a Dance Lesson is very similar.

Effective dance cueing is well-timed on-the-spot coaching tips from an instructor while a couple or a group of couples is executing a dance. Notice the word effective. To most dance instructors, cueing involves calling out the steps and moves as they are done. Beware! If you are a trying to follow an instructor who calls the steps as they are danced, you will always be one to two steps behind the beat. Effective cueing is meant to help the dancer and the dancer’s brain to relax a bit so the dancer can concentrate on executing movements only rather than remembering the dance sequence as well as how to execute each step in a timely fashion.

What's different about the way you teach?

A signature element of the Shawn Trautman Instruction Method is timely and effective cueing. This entails calling out a step or move with a verbal and/or visual reminder just before a dancer has to think it, which in turn is right before a dancer executes. Over the years Shawn has honed this skill into a veritable science. Depending on the dance, the experience level of the students, type of floor, etc, Shawn cues for the success of his students. Picture yourself dancing along to a new song, you hear a step, followed by a countdown, suddenly you find yourself navigating with ease through a particularly challenging move without a stumble, even though you only learned it a few minutes before… That’s what excellent cueing does for you and your dancing.

Effective Cueing, as a part of the top-rated Shawn Trautman Instruction collection, has brought countless successes to dancers around the world. His clear, step-by-step instructions are well timed from start to finish and will have you dancing along in minutes with all of the DVDs in Shawn Trautman’s Learn to Dance Series.

Can I really learn to dance from your DVD?

The short answer is YES! You absolutely can learn to dance using exclusively Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection. Whether it’s budget, schedule, preference to learn without an audience, or simply wanting to keep it simple by only trusting Shawn Trautman and the Shawn Trautman Instruction method with your dance lessons, these DVDs are the way to go. Learn at your own pace at the whim of your own schedule in the comfort of your own home. Dance along with Shawn, and you will be moving with style in no time.

Multiple camera angles, HD cameras, great lighting, and a nice set are all features that are standard to Shawn Trautman DVDs, but as the saying goes, the secret’s in the sauce. If you’ve tried other dance instruction DVDs, these will change your perspective entirely. Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection are more than a bunch of moves put on a disc with titles and a menu. The exclusive Shawn Trautman Instruction Method, complete with stacked learning, fun practice drills, and timely tips guarantee the dancing success that is found every day around the world by Shawn Trautman’s students. It’s that simple.

Are private lessons better?

A Shawn Trautman Instruction DVD is superior to private lessons any day, and Shawn’s unparalleled instruction methods save thousands of dollars in studio fees and private lesson expenses. The beginner DVDs in Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection were built for beginners and address each concern and question you might have as they come to mind. The easy-to-follow lessons allow you to enjoy the dancing by minimizing frustration and maximizing your successes and are guaranteed to help you look good on the dance floor. If you’re ready to get started, jump into the Dancing with your favorite dance video.

What's different about the way you teach?

The Shawn Trautman Instruction Method is the secret to the success that Shawn’s students enjoy around the world. Yes, Shawn is a dance instructor, and yes, other people around the world teach each of the dances every day, that’s just about where the similarities end. Shawn has put the bulk of his effort into perfecting the way to get others dancing, while most instructors divide their time between learning new material and perfecting their own dance steps. Though most instructors mean well, they lack the training and skill to truly enhance your dancing experience.

When you start any of his learn to dance videos, you will immediately feel the difference and reap the benefits of the Shawn Trautman Instruction method. Shawn’s focus is on you, and your dancing. Shawn Trautman's entire dance lesson collection is geared toward maximizing your dance potential. Everything, from the camera angles, lighting, and sound to the order of the content presentation is part of a carefully planned curriculum to layer and stack your learning and help you move the steps you are doing from short term survival mode to long term memory. With the Shawn Trautman Dance Collection, you will be trained by a master dance instructor and more than ready to take your place with confidence on any dance floor.

Benefits of Learning How to Dance using Shawn Trautman DVDs

  • Learn in the comfort of your own home
  • Eliminates social anxiety relating to impressing instructors or classmates
  • Saves money (costs considerably less than private lessons)
  • Improved visibility of instruction by having picture-in-picture formatting and multiple camera angles
  • Permanent access to the instruction and a consistent reminder of steps and moves
  • Structured learning plan from the beginning
  • No embarrassing moments in public
  • No travel time or travel expenses
  • You can wear whatever you want to your lesson
  • No one judges your abilities (or inabilities)
  • You can’t be late to your class
  • Learn at your own pace
  • You'll never miss the most important parts of the class
  • You don’t have to learn it all at once; or in a single lesson
  • Easy to follow format that breaks down each and every step
  • Can learn/dance on your own schedule rather than a set time
  • There are no personality conflicts with instructors or classmates
  • Instruction is presented in an easy to follow “What You See is What You Dance” format
  • No time constraints for your lesson time – take as long as you want or go as fast as you need to

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