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Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection
"Dancing Success Starts HERE!"

Are you getting ready for a wedding, vacation, prom, or an upcoming night out on the town? Whether you’ve never stepped onto a dance floor in your life or you’re just brushing up on your technique, Shawn Trautman has a no-nonsense video/DVD or all-inclusive book to put you on the dance floor in no time. It’s time you discover the Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection brand of products

Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection is an extensive line of dance instruction titles that has taught countless numbers of people to dance world-wide in the comfort of their own homes. You can learn Swing, Country, Ballroom, Latin, and Line Dancing, and dancing is a great way to get in shape, build confidence and increase self-esteem. Plus, learning at home is fast, inexpensive, and private.

Shawn Trautman has delivered one of the most original and successful dance instruction methods for teaching new dancers. The Dance Collection incorporates technology and cinematography to make it easier to see and learn the steps. Initially launched with 4 DVDs in early 2005, there are now 28 top-rated titles in the Collection. To ensure continuous improvement, Shawn regularly seeks feedback from customers to improve his teaching and dancing methods. Shawn’s “what you see is what you dance” format makes learning from video easy, and his clear instruction techniques allow for learning with or without a partner.

Trautman’s products can be found at major online retailers such as,, and the brand’s home website at However, is more than just a place to buy Shawn’s products. This online portal has grown into a user-friendly resource for customers to read about dance- related topics, learn about products, read other customers’ reviews, find song-lists, and promote community involvement through dance. Customer service and personal attention are the top priority and offers same-day shipping with an exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Further enhancing the Collection, Shawn and Joanna (his wife and dancing partner) authored a complete instruction book and DVD combo titled Picture Yourself Dancing. Published in 2006, the highly acclaimed book was written specifically for beginner dancers, and offers dance lessons, tips, drills and history in an easy to read and follow format

It’s no secret that getting out on the dance floor is a little intimidating for most people; however, now there’s a risk-free way to learn to dance. No matter what your age, ability, or physical fitness level, learning to dance in the privacy of your own home saves time and maximizes your schedule. Learning at home also lets you progress at your own speed, enjoy a proven curriculum with world-class instruction, and review material as needed. With Shawn Trautman’s product line, you reap all the benefits while saving money as they’re much less expensive than live dance lessons. When you’re ready to start learning to dance, think of Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection and make it your choice.

“Dancing Success Starts Here!”™

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