Swing Dancing 101

"Swing Dancing is the All-American dance that everyone, everywhere should know!"

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Dance Instruction: 1st Time, Beginner
Lesson Style: Ballroom, Country, Swing, Wedding
Dance Video Focus: Swing
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Product Overview

Learn how to swing dance and join the crowd, literally!

Swing Dancing 101 is the perfect starting point for single time and triple time swing & includes the best dance lessons on everything you need to make your first experience at a Swing Dance, whether it's big band or country, a success. Swing Dancing 101 is designed for absolute beginners, so get ready to feel the beat. To make this one even easier for you, this video can be done with or without a partner and it's truly set at a pace for people who've never danced before. Without question, this top rated Swing Dancing Instruction Video is the one to get started with!

  • Learn How to Swing Dance
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Fast & Easy Swing Dancing Lessons
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Exclusive Swing Dance Style Tips
  • Great Practice Music
  • Tips for Staying on the Beat
  • Dance along w/ or w/o your partner
Product Preview
Shawn's Exclusive!

Swing 101 was SUCH a fun DVD to do and it was even more fun watching it back and reviewing it. I totally laughed out loud several times at the commentary and was truly impressed with how it all came together.

What was important for us was to create a fun environment that really helped with the learning and it involved everything from the set to the clothing to the music. We put together some fun drills and a lot of great little tips and really filled this one in!

a fun environment that really helped with the learning...

Now, to better understand what type of Swing we put together, think of the classic Savoy style Swing, or the Jump, Jive, & Wail era type Swing. We cover both Single-Time and Triple Time (East Coast Swing) in this one so you'll learn how to swing dance to a wide variety of music. This one swing dance video offers is the best bang for your buck if you look at the number of times you'll get to dance this one over the course of a lifetime. Plus, you'll have several fun points and analogies to draw upon as you practice and build your skills.

Take a look at this one and I guarantee you'll enjoy it and of course, if you have any questions, please give me a call at 877-DANCE-01.
Shawn Trautman's Learn How to Dance Instruction

Product Details

Brush the dust off your dancing shoes, stand up, & get ready to learn how to swing dance with Shawn and Joanna Trautman. As you get the hang of the swing dance beat of both single and triple time swing, you'll find yourself dancing with your partner and looking great! Get ready for a fun night of swing dancing, whether it is for a wedding, cruise, country bar, or ballroom social. You'll be ready with some great moves and have an awesome style!

Swing Dancing 101 is the go-to video for one of America's most popular dances of all time as this DVD is easy-to-understand, step-by-step, and features the two most danced versions of the dance! This video was designed for beginners, it starts with the basics, and it's the best way to learn how to Swing Dance! It all starts with you seeing & experiencing the dance to get a good feel for how it's danced. From there, the Swing is broken down into simple, yet manageable lessons that make it easy to follow along with.

You'll soon be Swing dancing by working through several rhythm & timing drills to ensure you understand and feel it the way you should. Next, you'll get 'hands-on' as you work your way through the specific Swing connection points & style tips that help make you look the part! It's easy to overlook a lot of the detail, so pay attention to the "little things" as you go (i.e., posture, hand positions, foot spacing, placement, etc.). When you're ready, you'll learn & test your skills with several fun moves like underarm turns, open releases & reverses you can use with anyone & take to the floor immediately. Plus, you'll have a full soundtrack of great Swing music playing through the entire lesson that doubles as a practice tool each time you use the DVD afterwards - just turn it on and practice your Swing until you're ready to go out.

Customer Reviews
Average Rating
5(based on 9 reviews)

By: Jesse C
DVD: Swing Dancing 101
On: May 8, 2013
It kept me entertained and interested.

"What drew me to buy Swing Dancing 101 were a few things. First, the website is very user friendly and full of info. So it was easy to make a choice. I am a true beginner at dancing, and this swing dance video helped me A LOT. There is plenty of detailed information about every little thing, starting with rhythm & timing. I was really struggling with that before (sigh), but now it makes sense to me! It's a well made video with good picture quality, which is important to me. Another thing I liked is that you can tell the pair dancing are having fun and enjoying doing these lessons. It kept me entertained and interested. So it is easy to watch and stay focused. I am looking forward to watching it again, probably a few more times, to soak up all the fine points. I look forward to getting out on the town with these skills."

By: Savannah
DVD: Swing Dancing 101
On: April 14, 2013
Excellent job of teaching us how to swing dance

"I cannot believe how much fun swing dancing is and wish we had learned it years ago. Shawn and Joanna did an excellent job of getting us dancing and laughing as this swing dance video was both instructional and fun. The fact that their 101 videos all have the same format is making this very easy for us as we know what we can expect. There is a lot that can be said about this video but I can sum it up by saying "Love it, Love it, Love it!"

By: 'Mac User'
DVD: Swing Dancing 101
On: January 7, 2013
Awesome DVD

"I highly recommend this DVD for beginners. I've tried a variety of other approaches, including lessons and Youtube, to learning different dances and highly recommend this. Video is easy to follow. Good production quality. And makes it fun to learn. Am ordering a bunch of additional DVDs on Swing and other dances.

Shawn and his wife do a great job with clear instruction. They show 1 step and 3 step options to make it easy for you to dance to any pace. This is way cheaper than lessons. It is also great documentation - if you are like me and may need a quick refresher down the road."

By: Tony
DVD: Swing Dancing 101
On: December 27, 2012
Easy to follow

"For people with little dance experince i found this video (along with other shawn trautman videos)to be easy to follow and understand. instruction was slow enough to not be confused yet not to the point of boredom. i think if anyone tries just one instructional video, they would agree and be hooked on learning multiple dances."

By: Robert (TN, USA)
DVD: Swing Dancing 101
On: December 10, 2012
Great introduction to swing

"Swing 101 with Shawn Trautman is one of several dance instruction videos that I own and is the only video series that I can recommend. The production value is higher than most and the instructors are easy to understand. This DVD gives enough instruction to get even beginners swing dancing since it starts with very basic rhythm and footsteps as well as several useful tips on technique. While this DVD is a great introduction to swing dancing, if you have any experience with dancing give the Swing Dancing Starter Pack (3-DVD Set - Beginner 1, Beginner 2, and Intermediate 1) (Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection) series a try instead. I believe the dance instruction videos produced by the Trautman's are the best available.

By: Andrew Buckley
DVD: Swing Dancing 101
On: December 4, 2012
Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to start swing dancing

"Wanted to learn a dance with my ten footed girlfriend. We put it in and instantly felt the ice melt away as we where following Shawn through the video. He explains everything very well and gives a lot of useful tips throughout. Im glad i picked this up. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to start swing dancing."

By: PK
DVD: Swing Dancing 101
On: July 2, 2012
Very thorough and well structured

"I am a beginner. I ordered this Swing DVD recently after checking the reviews of many dance instruction DVDs. I found it to be very thorough and well structured so that I could learn at my own pace without rushing. Very well made.

By: Don
DVD: Swing Dancing 101
On: February 1, 2012
Extremely Helpful

"We have had the Swing Dancing 101 for three weeks and find it extremely helpful and easy to follow. We used it to practice at home and it is a perfect fit to our group dance lessons."

By: D. Danner
DVD: Swing Dancing 101
On: January 30, 2012
We're now lovin' the Swing. What fun!

"This is the 4th Trautman Dvd we've purchased. All of them in the 101 series have proven to be extremely helpful and successful in getting us started with dancing, but this one seems to be especially fun. I'm not sure if it's Shawn and Joanna's enthusiastic enjoyment of Swing that's infectious, or just the upbeat tempo for the dance, but you will definitely find yourselves having a good time learning with this one. Like all the other 101 dvd's their organization builds from the very basics and ends with some things to challenge you for repeated study.

The claim in the editorial review that it will have you dancing the swing in minutes proved true. We were anxious to try the Swing at a local dance just this past weekend, and we only had an hour available on the afternoon before the dance for our first look together at the dvd. In just a few minutes of Shawn and Joanna's combined instruction we had the basic step (both single and triple time), rotating the basic, and the ladies underarm turn mastered. Just that simple beginning was enough for us to jump in and enjoy the swing at the dance, and what fun it added! There is still a lot more for us to learn from the dvd so we will be watching it again as soon as we can.

The Trautman 101 dvd's have had us dancing to the Night Club 2 Step, Cha Cha, and the Waltz. Now we can add the Swing to the list. Our thanks go out once again to Shawn and Joanna."

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