Swing Dancing for Beginners V2

"This DVD is full of Tips & Tricks that make Swing Dancing Cool & Fresh!"

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Dance Instruction: Beginner
Lesson Style: Ballroom, Country, Swing
Dance Video Focus: Swing
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Product Overview

These Swing Dancing Lessons are going to blow you away!
Moves, Tips & Material beginners will eat up & use right away.

Swing Dancing is meant to be fun and that's exactly what this video is about. Swing Dancing for Beginners Volume 2 builds on top of the basics you already know and adds all sorts of "little things" that make your dance go from "we're doing okay!" to "we're really getting the hang of this!"

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Product Details
  • Swing Dancing moves for beginners
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Solid Swing Dancing Lessons
  • More effective than 'in-person lessons'
  • Tips for Staying on the Beat
  • Dance along w/ or w/o your partner

Sure you'll get some impressive Swing Dancing moves on this one but that's not all! You'll unlock the secrets of hand changes and learn to do the most popular turns for the ladies, some eye-pleasing wraps, and some appealing partner variations that are exclusive to Shawn Trautman's Swing Dancing Collection.

Just like Volume 1, Swing Dancing for Beginners Volume 2 is easy to follow and fun for anyone looking to amp up their repertoire. With clear swing dancing instruction, multiple camera views, and beginner-friendly curriculum, Shawn and Joanna Trautman will get you confident and help you get moving, quickly!

Filmed and presented with multiple camera angles and Picture-in-Picture technology, you'll be surprised at just how easily you learn with the right Swing Dancing instruction. In addition to the lessons themselves, you'll also get to dance each dance with music alongside the instructors at the end of each section.

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Shawn's Take

I just went back through and looked at what I taught in this DVD and all I can say is "wow - that's a lot of stuff." What's more is that I can't imagine someone knowing the basics in swing dancing without wanting/needing to know how to do all these things. The moves and concepts taught on this DVD are so incredibly important for anyone who wants to dance lead and follow swing - so much so that if you understand all of what's taught here you'll never have to worry about the next time someone asks you to Swing.

Swing Dancing Lessonsif you understand all of what's taught here you'll never have to worry about the next time someone asks you to Swing...swing dancing instruction

This is the cool stuff that makes this dance fun. It teaches the ladies what they need to know about following and shows the guys how to look good and mix things up without doing terribly difficult moves. Best of all, this DVD shows you how to make each dance your own by teaching you what to look for and how to create unique combinations that are easily led and/or followed.

Teachers: if you're looking for great beginner material, you'll want to check this one out. These are the same moves and concepts I use in my classes and have had tremendous success over the years. It's just the right 'speed' for beginners who know and understand the basics.

Swing Dancing Video
Customer Reviews
Average Rating
4.7(based on 6 reviews)

By: John K
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V2
On: November 23, 2012
As Easy as 1-2-Rock Step

"Buy this along with Beginners Volume 1 and you will be swinging by midnight. This is a fun couple dancing a fun dance. Just watching the DVD for entertainment purposes makes me smile. The Trautman's were born to teach dance, and they do it better than anyone else I have seen. They are not about showing you how good they are at dancing, instead they are about teaching you how to dance well and look good on the dance floor. The speed and repetition in this DVD is easy to follow. Miss a step? No need to stop, rewind, and replay; Shawn and Joanna are going to show it to you again and again, with verbal instructions each step of the way, and views from multiple angles. Learning all the new steps is addictive, and before you know it, it's midnight, and you have watched (and learned) the entire DVD. Load in the the Intermediate DVD, and keep going into the wee hours. Single-time and triple-time swing are included with enough steps, turns, belly-rubs, kick steps, and back touches to keep you and your dance partner amused all night at the next swing party."

By: Richard A
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V2
On: September 27, 2012
Easy for my wife and I to follow and practice

"It makes it easy. It covers both Triple and Single Step Swing. So many do triple step. I also like that it goes over the figure in detail and repeats it many times. It makes it easy for my wife and I to follow and practice."

By: PDierks86
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V2
On: March 11, 2012
Absolutely Great as Well

"We have been having a blast with Swing over the last week or so and love Shawn's DVDs. The instruction quality is first rate as Shawn and Joanna Trautman truly know how to teach. We liked how the moves in volume 2 built on top of everything in Volume 1 as we went seamlessly from one to the other. We're looking forward to the Intermediate DVD once we perfect what we have. We highly recommend these DVDs for anyone wanting to learn either single time or east coast swing."

By: M. Todd
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V2
On: September 9, 2010
Excellent Instruction

"I highly recommend this instructional video to anyone wishing to learn swing dancing. I bought this video as a gift for my son and his wife who are interested in learning to swing dance. My wife and I like to think we are good swing dancers but we learned a few things from this beginners set and plan to purchase the more advanced videos for ourselves. I have purchased other dance videos; however I think Shawn Trautman's method of teaching is superior to any of the other videos that I have purchased."

By: Dancin' Queenie
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V2
On: March 26, 2010
Excellent Swing Dancing Instruction

"Swing Volume 2 is just as good as a standalone as it is to a supplement to volume 1. If you've been swing dancing a couple times already and have the basic steps down from a couple free lessons at the clubs, then this is the DVD you will be using the most. I had someone try to teach me the tuck turns and wraps, but the instruction wasn't nearly as good as how I found it on this DVD. It's almost 90 minutes of quality lessons which typically cost 4-5 times as much in a live environment. This is definitely a wise purchase for someone wanting to learn in the privacy of their own home. My personal favorite part was being able to do all the moves in synch with Shawn & Joanna at the end of each lesson."

By: Connette Blalock
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V2
On: October 15, 2009
Learn Great New Moves

"I really loved this DVD. As I currently know how to do basic swing dance moves, this tape helped me add "color" to my swing dancing ability. This tape begins by a short review of the basic swing dance steps and then moves quickly into more advanced dance steps. Each new move is shown first, then broken down into parts, allowing the viewer to perfect each dance step before moving onto the next one. Get this DVD if you want to shine on the dance floor!"

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