Swing Dancing Starter Pack

Beginner – Intermediate

Picture yourself in two-tone shoes bopping to the upbeat music popularized during the Big Band era and beyond. You and your partner are enjoying the fast tempo, manageable footwork, and innumerable dance moves offered by swing. As you dance, you settle into the strong, elastic connection characteristic of swing, with the relaxed handhold and frequent movement toward and away from your dance partner. The relatively stationary nature of the dance allows you to practice on any size dance floor or, for that matter, almost any size corner of a crowded dance floor! As you practice your new skills, you are finding yourself dancing swing at more and more venues—you couldn’t have done without it at that class reunion, and at your coworker’s wedding last week you and your partner were the talk of the table.

Swing dancing enabled you to get out there and heat up the dance floor more frequently than you ever thought possible. You are now swing dancing at specific swing events in your area, as well as at local nightclubs and almost every dinner and dancing special occasion that has come up.

Sound like the dance you are looking for? If so, Shawn Trautman’s Swing Dancing Starter Pack is the dance lesson bundle for you.  

What’s Included?

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Swing Dancing

Swing Dancing for Beg. Vol. 1

Swing Dancing

Swing Dancing for Beginners Volume 1 is a beginner Swing Dancing course that will have you mastering the rhythm,timing and footwork, connection, basic steps, left turns, right turns, underarm turns, and more East Coast Swing with ease.
“This group of Swing videos is well worth the purchase price many times over! I never knew how to dance until I started going to a country dance venue about 4 months ago and began attending $7/2 hour events once a week. I was able to learn the primitive basics, but found myself getting left behind when all the fun moves were being taught, so I purchased the Shawn Trautman Swing Starter Pack. The first video will get you enough basics and simple moves to hold your own in any club. The material is very in depth, and easy to understand step by step. By the time you make it through the second video you’ll be one of the people that 9 out of 10 folks in the crowd wish they could dance like. The way the moves are laid out and build upon each other make child’s play out of dance maneuvers that I never imagined myself being able to do. The third and final disc is just as good as the second as it throws even more moves at you along with combinations that will have you throwing around your partner from the beginning to end of each song with ease. In the 2-3 weeks that I’ve been going over these videos I honestly think it would have taken me over a year to even learn half the material without a private instructor. Keeping this review honest, the only bad thing I could say about these swing dance videos would be that on a hi-def tv the picture quality loses a bit of clarity when the cameras change to the close-up view. However, I still rate this set with 5 stars because the quality of the instruction and the way it was presented is what really matters, and I couldn’t have asked for better.”
M. Moore

Excellent Swing Instruction

Master more beginner moves including Hand Changes, Tuck Turns, Wraps, Unwraps, Fake Wraps and More with this Swing Dancing course!

Swing Dancing

Swing Dancing for Beg. Vol. 2

Swing Dancing

Swing Dancing

Swing Dancing for Intermediate Vol. 1

Swing Dancing

Own the floor with this intermediate East Coast Swing course. You will master the He/She’s, Inside Combinations, Outside Combinations, Touchbacks with Turns, Kick Steps, Pretzels, and more Swing Dance moves with ease.

This is the best collection of Swing Dance Videos on the market! This set is made of three (3) swing dance video lessons including Swing Dancing for Beginners 1 & 2 and Swing Dancing for Intermediate Dancers Volume 1. Each of the ‘How to Swing Dance Videos’ included share nearly an hour and a half of top-notch swing dance lessons from two top-rated instructors who know how to make things simple for beginners!

These Swing dance videos break down the key elements of what’s important for beginners and focus on getting you dancing. You’ll start out learning a bit of the history of Swing Dancing while doing the basics that include slow steps, rock steps and triple steps. You’ll see how the leaders and followers need to work together and what their roles are for Swing dancing that make it seamless.

From there, you’ll learn how to properly use the four connection points for the Swing and how to go from one dance position to another without any problems (this is huge for the guys!). Then, you’ll learn lead and follow elements to ensure your swing dancing is not a “choreographed” series of steps, but rather, a fun dance you can do on your next night out regardless of whether you’re just dancing Swing, Ballroom Swing or Country Swing.

Included in these step-by-step swing dance lessons are a number of moves that you’ll find invaluable. Some of what you’ll learn includes left turns, right turns, underarm turns, guys inside turns, wraps, fake wraps, behind the back hand changes, tuck-turns, touchbacks, he/she’s, kick-steps, the pretzel, and advanced touchbacks.

Key features of this set include step-by-step instructions, multiple camera angles, picture-in-picture formatting, extended practice time with music alongside the instructors, and reviews that help put everything together for you. If you’re ready to start dancing one of the best dances you’ll ever find, the Swing Dance Starter Pack is the only set you’ll ever need.

These top rated ‘How to Swing Dance Videos’ cover the ballroom swing & country East Coast Swing Dancing Lessons.

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