Swing Dancing Mastery

Unleash Your Skills in Big Band, Country, Ballroom, and More!

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating dance journey that will have you swinging and grooving to the rhythm of various styles? Get ready to dive into the vibrant world of swing dancing with Shawn Trautman’s Online Video Course. Designed specifically for beginners and intermediate dancers, this course will take you on a thrilling adventure through the realms of big band, country, ballroom, and more, making learning both easy and fun!

“My husband and I have been in love with big band music for years. When we find a group that is playing locally, we are there. we enjoy the night out to watch the dancers and the music. We never knew where to begin with the dancing so we enviously watched. Too afraid to make fools of ourselves on the dance floor. Dance lessons at some of the facilities near us were out of our price range. I am so fortunate that I found this collection. I ordered the Swing Dance Unleashed. We had so much fun learning comfortably in our own home (and privacy) and it wasn’t long before we got up and out on to the dance floor ourselves. AND, we noticed we were NOT the least experienced dancers out there. The fun we have had since being able to listen to the music as well as dance is amazing. and all of it so affordable. The instruction is so simple and easy to follow. We were amazed. We loved it so much we gave Volume I as a gift to our best friends. I can’t wait to learn more. I highly recommend Shawn Trautman dance lessons to anyone considering learning to dance. We went from no skill at all to feeling comfortable and having so much fun with it!”

L. Buschmann

Now We’re Not Afraid of Getting on the Dance Floor!

Swing Dancing 101

Swing Dancing

Swing Dancing for Beg. Vol. 1

Swing Dancing

Why Choose Shawn Trautman’s Online Video Course?

    1. Shawn Trautman’s Expert Guidance: With a wealth of experience in swing dancing and a passion for sharing his knowledge, Shawn Trautman is the ultimate mentor to guide you on your dance journey. His engaging teaching style and clear instructions ensure that you learn with ease and enjoyment.

    2. Beginner and Intermediate Levels: Whether you’re taking your first steps into swing dancing or seeking to enhance your existing skills, this course caters to both beginner and intermediate dancers. You’ll progress seamlessly, building a solid foundation and advancing to more intricate moves and techniques at your own pace.

    3. Learn Various Swing Dance Styles: Swing dancing is a versatile and exciting dance form, and this course covers an array of styles, including big band, country, ballroom, and more. Expand your repertoire and versatility as you explore the unique characteristics, movements, and musicality of each style.

    4. Easy-to-Follow Video Lessons: Shawn Trautman breaks down each step, technique, and movement into simple, easy-to-follow video lessons. Whether you’re learning the basic footwork or perfecting more intricate patterns, you’ll find each lesson engaging and comprehensible, allowing you to progress effortlessly.

    5. Fun and Enjoyable Learning Experience: Swing dancing is all about joy and expression, and this course embraces that spirit. Through Shawn Trautman’s dynamic teaching style and the infectious energy of the dance, you’ll find yourself smiling, laughing, and thoroughly enjoying every step along the way.

    6. Tailored Practice Sessions: Reinforce what you’ve learned with tailored practice sessions. These exercises are designed to enhance your muscle memory, coordination, and overall dance fluency. You’ll feel more confident and ready to hit the dance floor in no time.


And That’s Just for Starters...

“Beginners can easily understand and learn fast with step by step tutorial of the “Swing Dancing Unleashed” by Mr.Shawn Trautman. Easy to understand, just watch and learn to it. So easy that you can start showing it with your friends right away. Very Clear lesson and I recommend this.I bought this three complete lessons and want to share to everyone that it’s very easy to follow and learn every movements. I also want to share that they have excellent customer service, with positive attitude and very happy to deal with them. I will definitely order more video lessons in the near future. I 100% recommend them to everybody.”

R. Foz

Great for Everyone, Especially Beginners!

Swing Dancing for Beg. Vol. 2

Swing Dancing

Swing Dancing for Intermediate Vol. 1

Swing Dancing

Invest in Your Dance Journey Today!

Don’t miss this chance to learn swing dancing from the renowned Shawn Trautman, who will inspire and empower you to become a confident and versatile dancer. This Online Video Course is your gateway to mastering the art of swing dancing in big band, country, ballroom, and beyond. Take the leap and join us now!

You may be wondering about the investment required to unlock the secrets of country two-step dancing through our online video course. We firmly believe that investing in your passion and personal growth is priceless. That’s why we are offering our comprehensive course at a special price of $169.99 for a limited time.

As a bonus, when you enroll today, you’ll also receive:

  1. Exclusive access to our private online community of fellow dance enthusiasts, where you can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other.
  2. Additional video content featuring techniques, choreography breakdowns, and practice routines to take your dancing to the next level.

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