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The Balancing of Life

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Ebb & flow, yin & yang, give & take, plus & minus, positive & negative, left & right, increase & decrease, see & saw, up & down, work & play, clean & dirty, win & lose, light & dark.

Do opposites attract or are they necessary to maintain balance & an equilibrium of sorts?

When we have imbalances of forces, in almost every type of environment, something suffers, or degrades. Food, power, money, commodities, land, supplies, corruption, water, oil, relationships, fisheries, economy, chemicals, etc.

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Too much of a bad thing is usually worse.

The more we take, the more someone else loses. The more we give, the more someone else takes. The more we work, the less we play. The more we worry, the less we enjoy.

The trick is to find a balance somewhere in your life and work to maintain it. Then another, and another, and so forth. Control what you can, in fact, control or influence & let go of the others.

As time goes on, everything requires maintenance as the unbalancing occurs and we have to work to regain it. If not, everything starts feeling like it’s weighing us down and eventually feels insurmountable without intervention.

Feeling “weighted down” can easily be a result of Cortisol as it floods your body. Anger, stress, fear, anxiety & guilt can all contribute here and can disrupt your body’s chemical balance point. It’s times like these where it’s easy to freeze and do nothing but wallow in self-pity. Analysis paralysis sets in. Try to recognize when this is happening and work to rebalance.

To balance yourself chemically, you have options that include a number of naturally available choices, most of which are in your control.

Here’s one. Find something small (a task) to work towards and complete (one of my daughter’s cleaned & set up part of our kitchen cabinetry this morning – see pic in post). Each accomplishment releases Dopamine. This is a shot of happiness. One thing at a time. Fixing everything at once is unreasonable and overwhelming. Start small. Making your bed. Grinding coffee. Cleaning a toilet. Putting clean clothes away. That kind of thing.

Here’s another. Find someone to hug (body contact of any type really works as long as you’re comfortable). Not the “I can’t stand you but I’ll fake a hug” kind. This is the “I really need a long hug right now” from someone you can trust. Right now a lot of people are avoiding contact due to fear from the pandemic, so be mindful of how you present this one. Body contact releases Oxytocin and it helps both parties. In other words, it has double effects.

Next is Serotonin. This one is really good for your immune system and is released with larger accomplishments such as major milestones, graduations, product releases, completing a race, a large build of some type or even completing something on a large scale from others. If you win a prestigious award or are recognized publicly for something, perhaps a viral video or story in a good way, you’ll ramp up your levels quickly.

And last, but just as important as the other three, are Endorphins. Producing endorphins is a result of pain from something, generally physical. It’s a high that comes from things like a long run, a heavy workout, an intense dance lesson or practice, or even a super cold shower or dip in a frozen lake after you get used to it for a short period.

Each of these four ‘happiness’ chemicals can combat the stresses of everyday life and the overwhelming feelings we all get. Again, it’s important to keep these all in check.

Taking an active role in caring for the foundational things in your life is a great first step. Health (physical & emotional). Food. Sleep. Relationships. Finances. An imbalance of any of these will leave every other area of your life vulnerable and on shaky ground.

The lesson here is that life is not one-sided and needs balance. Find a balance point & then work to find another. The good and bad news is there will never be balance in every area of your life at the same time. Once you learn this, you get to choose what gets your attention.

Find your balances & enjoy more out of life.

What other examples of “balance” can you add to this? Or, examples of what brings you happiness? Would love to learn more about this from you.


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