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Volcanic Interruption?

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Shawn Trautman Lessons - Life - Learning - Blogby SHAWN TRAUTMAN
I am posting an image of a notification I just got and am at a point where I think it’s relevant enough to talk through.

Weeks ago, a friend recommended I follow along with the story of what’s happening on the island of La Palma. I had heard about the volcanic eruption and some gibberish about a tsunami, but I didn’t know much more.

From there, I was recommended a few different folks to watch and listen to and the guy in the image above happened to be one of them that I enjoyed. He uses a lot of data and talks freely about his thoughts as they relate, based on his own knowledge (which is fairly extensive).

So, let’s get to some things I wasn’t aware of.

First, it’s been talked about and written about for years that there’s a “possibility” that La Palma could break apart and slide into the Atlantic Ocean and cause a massive tsunami. Weird that it was talked about, much less written about, but okay. Stranger, yet, was the Simpson’s episode where they talked about the same exact thing and that their globe showed the Canary Islands and La Palma, specifically, as being slightly different than what they currently are… mostly with a part of the island no longer there.

Second, it’s not some small piece of the island that would just slide off, it’s a chunk approximately the size of Manhattan. Somewhere just over 30 square miles if my memory serves me right.

Third, there are many projections as to what would happen and how significant of a wave this would cause, so there’s really no need to speculate other than to know that “something” may happen at “some point” and “someone” who lives on the east coast of the USA should be aware of what could happen.

Now, let’s be realistic… what are the odds that this island naturally breaks apart and creates some massive wall of water just a couple of years after the scenario is brought up and talked about? I’d say very low, but I also did use the word “naturally”. I’d say the odds were about as low as us having a “naturally” occurring outbreak that shuts down our world just years after it was talked about and months after the scenario was tested in full, but here we are.

Over the last several weeks I’ve been seeing more and more of these updates and have become increasingly aware that something else is going on. It’s worth looking into how this is all happening, what the indicators are, how frequently things are happening, what is normal activity and what appears to be man-made. The point is this, it’s worth knowing about and knowing that this is an active situation that really should have your attention right now, but you’re probably not seeing it on the nightly news in any form or fashion.

I’d strongly encourage you all to put your objections on the shelf for a few minutes and listen to either this guy or someone of your choosing, but at least hear them out. In the “unlikely” event that this situation worsens beyond what it currently is, it’s “likely” to be of great concern for anyone who might be in the potential path.

If I were in the potential path, I’d go ahead and prepare a few days worth of whatever I’d need for each person in my family and have it available at a moment’s notice. I’d make sure that it was something I could carry and keep on my person in the event that roads are closed or locked up with cars. I’d have a topographical map printed out, a compass, a way to start a fire, food for a few days, ways to have safe drinking water, ways to keep warm, and some form of protection.

You see, it’s easy for me to sit here, far away from a shoreline, and think I’ll be fine and that there’s nothing to worry about, but it’s really not. The more I see and learn about these bullshit “natural disasters” that just might, with a little help, happen, the more I realize what we’re all up against. I’d love to tell you this whole thing is a joke and that the lack of you hearing about it means that nothing’s going on. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The situation on La Palma is getting worse by the day and has a real potential to catch a LOT of people off-guard.

All this said, you owe it to yourself to explore the thought, weigh what you believe the risk/reward of buying into the belief is, take any precautionary measures you see fit, share your thoughts with others you know, or don’t, who might be affected, and then go about your daily schedule with the hope that none of this comes to fruition.

In the event “something” big happens, you should also know how quickly it’s projected to impact anyone so look that up. The fastest it would hit is how quickly? The longest it would take to reach land is how long? What are the speeds and potential heights? What does it mean to everything around us?

Again, it’s worth looking into, even just to consider, so you’re not caught off-guard. And, of course, ignoring it because we’ve never had to think through something like this is one of our rights at the moment.

Chime in with any educated thoughts if you see fit… not just that you heard about it from somewhere and don’t think it’s a problem – at least have a bit more rationale so we can have some dialogue. 🙂

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