Wedding Starter Pack (5 DVDs)

"Preparing for an upcoming Wedding? Nothing gets you ready faster!"

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Product Overview

This is the perfect set of Dance Lesson Videos for you.

Whether you are preparing for a friend or family members special day or you are gearing up for the most memorible day of your own... These videos are the perfect choice AND they are much less expensive then private lessons!

  • Fast & easy lessons perfect for any wedding reception
  • Everything you need to look fantastic at your wedding
  • Wide variety of carefully selected dances & moves for weddings
  • Tips/tricks to help prepare brides, grooms & guests for the big day
Product Details

The Wedding Starter Pack includes the newly released Swing Dancing 101 & Waltz 101 to give you a combination of some great, upbeat dance moves with some smooth, flowing classics to provide to really showcase your skills at your event. These wedding dance lesson videos were filmed with production quality and feature the top rated instruction methods of Shawn & Joanna Trautman. In addition, you'll also get some great dances in Party Line Dances so you won't have to sit out when some of these classics are played (Electric Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe, etc.). Last, you'll get a full tutorial on slow dancing with style as you go through the two volumes of Slow Dancing. This is SO much more than standing & swaying - it's full professional lessons on everything from how to hold your partner to how to do dips & tricks and everything in between. If you're going to be dancing in front of others and there are cameras there, you don't want to overlook this set. Shawn reccomends learning the DVDs in the following order to achieve maximum results in minimum time:

  • Slow Dancing for Beginners V1
  • Party Line Dances
  • Slow Dancing for Beginners V2
  • Swing Dancing 101
  • Waltz 101

This set of wedding dance lesson videos is perfect for beginners of any age. Don't wait till the last minute, order today and create the best memories possible on the most important day of your lives!

Customer Reviews
Average Rating
5(based on 8 reviews)

By: Jesse C
DVD: Swing Dancing 101
On: May 8, 2013
It kept me entertained and interested.

"What drew me to buy Swing Dancing 101 were a few things. First, the website is very user friendly and full of info. So it was easy to make a choice. I am a true beginner at dancing, and this swing dance video helped me A LOT. There is plenty of detailed information about every little thing, starting with rhythm & timing. I was really struggling with that before (sigh), but now it makes sense to me! It's a well made video with good picture quality, which is important to me. Another thing I liked is that you can tell the pair dancing are having fun and enjoying doing these lessons. It kept me entertained and interested. So it is easy to watch and stay focused. I am looking forward to watching it again, probably a few more times, to soak up all the fine points. I look forward to getting out on the town with these skills."

By: Savannah
DVD: Swing Dancing 101
On: April 14, 2013
Excellent job of teaching us how to swing dance

"I cannot believe how much fun swing dancing is and wish we had learned it years ago. Shawn and Joanna did an excellent job of getting us dancing and laughing as this swing dance video was both instructional and fun. The fact that their 101 videos all have the same format is making this very easy for us as we know what we can expect. There is a lot that can be said about this video but I can sum it up by saying "Love it, Love it, Love it!"

By: E. Newkirk
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: March 17, 2013
Shawn is a great instructor!

"This is a wonderful DVD for learning how to line dance. Coming from a person that has never line danced before, I was thrilled to get instructions from a "real" dancer who can convey the steps and practice all in one DVD. Shawn Trautman is a great instructor and coach for a variety of line dances. In addition to wanting to learn more line dances, practicing with this particular DVD has made me want to own all of his dance videos."

By: Matytilda
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: November 16, 2012
Basic and fun!

"Basic and fun! I work at a School for Children and Adults with Severe Disabilities. We are constantly looking for new dance steps for our PE class. I ordered the DVD for one of our staff. She is using it to learn and then teach the steps to the students. We feel the instruction is basic enough for our students and fun for the staff."

By: Ray W. Southworth (Havre, MT USA)
DVD: Waltz 101
On: February 24, 2013
Easy to understand and follow along

"One of the first Dance videos I have bought from Shawn Trautman. The video is easy to understand and follow along. He has a way of presenting dance instruction that puts a person at ease. Shawn and his wife seemed to love dancing and doing dance instruction. I am impressed and I am learning the Waltz. Another great thing about Shawn is I emailed him about a question on foot work with the waltz. He answered my email right a way. Of course I didn't explain it well and it took a few more emails to explain my self better. Mr. Trautman treated me with great respect and tried the move with his wife on a Friday evening at his dinner time. That is first class professionalism and the guy really cares about his customers. I would recommend anyone wanting to learn any type of dance to give Shawn's dance videos a try. You won't be sorry..."

By: PK
DVD: Waltz 101
On: July 2, 2012
Great instructions

"I am a beginner. Bought this DVD recently after checking the reviews of many dance instruction DVDs. I found it to be very thorough and well structured so that I could learn at my own pace without rushing. Very well made."

By: Tom Hino., Adelanto, CA
DVD: Slow Dancing for Beginners V.1
On: May 3, 2013
The breakdown of the steps is what I like the most!

"Always wished I could dance, never took the time to learn... missed a lot! Wish I'd started earlier, appreicate the quality and breakdown of your instruction. Was enjoying a dance class at our local college, but conflicted with my work schedule, and unlike your dvds I could not always say wait I need to see that again. I do wish you were local, you have an obvious love of dance, and it would be great to take a class from the two of you. Thanks. PS - The breakdown of the steps is what I liked most. Bought both the Slow Dancing for Beginners DVD and Dance Lessons 101."

By: T. Verboon
DVD: Slow Dancing Beginners V.2
On: October 27, 2011
Just right for us

"Just what we were looking for to prepare for our daughter's wedding. We haven't ever danced before. The style of the instruction works for us."

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