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Master the Dance From Beginner to Advanced Levels with Shawn Trautman’s Online Dance Lesson Video Course

Are you ready to revolutionize your West Coast Swing dancing skills and take them to extraordinary heights? Prepare yourself for an unparalleled journey through the captivating world of West Coast Swing with Shawn Trautman’s Online Video Course. This comprehensive program is meticulously designed to transform beginners into seasoned dancers and propel advanced dancers to even greater levels of mastery.


“The Shawn Trautman West Coast Swing Demystified dance video lessons really helped me to learn this dance from the very beginning. I’ve been trying to learn this dance for a long time. These instructors have a great method of teaching the steps by introducing the counting in a clear and easy way so that there is a good understanding of how the rhythm sequences are used later in the dance. I especially liked the transition from the basic walking steps to the step counting in more complex combinations. Before I even realized it, I was actually dancing these steps confidently through each section of the video. This is a great lesson and the best part is that it can be taken again and again just by playing the video for review and practice!”

Ms. Hopper

Great way to learn west coast swing!

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing 101

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Vol 1

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Vol 2

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Vol 3

West Coast Swing

Why Choose Shawn Trautman’s Online Video Course?

  1. Unmatched Expertise from Shawn Trautman: With over three decades of experience in the dance industry, Shawn Trautman stands unrivaled as a West Coast Swing maestro. His unique teaching approach combines precision, passion, and artistry, making him the perfect guide on your dance journey.

  2. A Comprehensive Learning Path for All Levels: Regardless of your current dancing level, this online video course caters to every aspiring dancer. From absolute beginners taking their first steps on the dance floor to seasoned performers aiming to refine their skills, Shawn Trautman’s course covers it all. Each level is meticulously designed to build a solid foundation while gradually introducing advanced techniques.

  3. Immersive and Engaging Video Lessons: Prepare to be captivated by Shawn Trautman’s engaging teaching style as he breaks down complex dance moves into easily digestible components. Each video lesson is thoughtfully structured to ensure seamless progression, allowing you to grasp and apply new techniques effortlessly.

  4. Progressive Exercises and Practice Routines: Reinforce your learning and sharpen your skills with a series of progressive exercises and practice routines. Shawn Trautman provides you with a roadmap to success, ensuring that you master each level before moving forward. These exercises are designed to develop muscle memory, timing, and coordination, ultimately enhancing your overall dance fluency.

  5. Masterful Demonstrations and Explanations: Witness Shawn Trautman’s artistry come alive through his impeccable demonstrations and insightful explanations. With his attention to detail and focus on technique, you’ll gain a profound understanding of the dance, enabling you to execute each move with grace, precision, and style.

  6. Unlock Creativity with Advanced Styling and Musicality: Elevate your dance repertoire by exploring advanced styling techniques and musicality. Shawn Trautman’s course will empower you to infuse your dance with creativity, adaptability, and self-expression. Discover how to connect with the music on a deeper level and create magical moments on the dance floor.

And That’s Just for Starters...

“My husband and I picked up this course hoping to better learn West Coast Swing. Despite my husband’s background in swing and receiving professional instruction, we never were able to get our proper timing together. We would dance together and have fun but not without frustration! The methods and techniques shown in this video have brought the correct rhythm and steps into view for the both of us! The instruction starts at a very basic level so one can understand the fundamentals and true roots of West Coast and allows you to move on, step by step, at the pace you are comfortable with. It’s very similar to math…if you don’t understand the very first beginning steps, you will soon become very overwhelmed and LOST! Not here! Both Shawn and Joanna show the woman’s and man’s steps while you are moving through the steps with them creating lots of confidence for the both us. I definitely would recommend this video to anyone who is interested in learning how to West Coast or even brush up on the very basics of steps! Thanks, guys..very well done and looking forward to seeing you both in the next dance lesson video!”

Jan C..

Super Duper

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing Advanced Vol 1

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing Advanced Vol 2

West Coast Swing

Invest in Your Dance Journey Today!

Embrace the opportunity to learn West Coast Swing from the one and only Shawn Trautman, whose expertise and passion will propel you to new heights. This Online Video Course is your gateway to mastering the art of West Coast Swing, regardless of your starting point. Take the leap and join us now!

 You may be wondering about the investment required to unlock the secrets of country two-step dancing through our online video course. We firmly believe that investing in your passion and personal growth is priceless. That’s why we are offering our comprehensive course at a special price of $249.99 for a limited time.

As a bonus, when you enroll today, you’ll also receive:

  1. Exclusive access to our private online community of fellow West Coast Swing enthusiasts, where you can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other.
  2. Additional video content featuring advanced techniques, choreography breakdowns, and practice routines to take your dancing to the next level.

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