West Coast Swing Moves/Patterns 3

"Here you'll find great combinations to really spice up your West Coast Swing!"

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It's time to spice up your West Coast Swing Moves
& add in some Switches and Prances!

West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Vol. 3 will definitely get your creative juices flowing. This WCS video will open your eyes to all the possibilities of what can be done with West Coast Swing moves, but at the same time you'll get clear instruction on how to dance all the pieces independently as well as in large groups. Not only will you get some great West Coast Swing music with this DVD, you'll get a first-hand look at Fake Turns, Side-to-Side Switches, Prances, and several other easy to lead & follow West Coast Swing moves & patterns that are essential for the social West Coast Swing circuit.

  • How to Dance West Coast Swing Moves
  • Optimized Lesson Format
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Exclusive style tips
  • Great practice music
  • Fun lessons for all ages
  • Dance along with or without your partner

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"When you're ready, and ONLY when you're ready..." that's what you'll be hearing as you get into these fun & exciting pieces. Now that you're comfortable with everything from West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns 1 & 2, you'll be looking forward to all the new possibilities and this video will not disappoint. Shawn & Joanna start you out with 4 variations of Fake Turns then move you into Side-to-Side Switches (Peek-a-Boo) and then some Prance Walks. And don't worry leaders, you'll also see how the moves can be combined and put into your own sequences as you develop your own style.

The how to dance lessons on this West Coast Swing Moves DVD are all done to excellent music and the patterns are universal on the social West Coast Swing dance floor!

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By: J. Wilkins
DVD: West Coast Swing M&P Vol. 3
On: January 2, 2012
Beyond the basics

"I haven't seen the first two videos in this WCS Moves and Patterns series but I can say that I found this one very helpful and enjoyable. I've been doing WCS for a few years and have learned lots of patterns but I still have much room for improvement. This video will take you beyond the basic sugar pushes, side passes and whips, so if you haven't mastered the basics this will be too advanced for you. I would rate this video squarely between beginner and intermediate. There is a nice variation on the sugar push that I had never seen. The ladies I dance with seem to like it. There are a variety of side to side switches which look very nice. I had seen them before but now I understand them much better. There is also a simple timing change which raises the coolness factor a bit. The Review section is very useful and there are a couple of nice bonus moves at the end. If you are an upper level novice like me you will be pleased with this video. Shawn is good about answering questions if you have them."

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