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What does it matter?

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“What does it matter?”

“What’s the point?”

Twice this week I’ve had these questions hurled at me with solemn contempt as if I was the reason for the world’s problems.

And, it was from my own family!

This picture closely resembles the look they got in return before I answered and explained. It was a look of frustration and concern while I also thought through my response.

“What’s the point? We can’t go anywhere anyway and no one can come here.”

How did I respond? Well, here’s an overview and my general thoughts.

The point is, we’re not living for today. We’re not giving up and just making decisions that get us through this moment without regard for anyone else. Some people are fighting for their everyday existence and theirs is a different battle.

Not me. Not today.

I don’t think the world’s gone crazy. I think a few people have and a few others are trying to exploit it and make us feel like it’s everyone.

I think there are people on every side of the political and pandemic spectrums right now that are unsure what to think. And, rightfully so. Who’s pulling what strings and getting people all spun up and why?

What’s real and what’s not?

The second someone sees or says something about either side someone counters with “it’s fake news!” Is it all fake? I can’t imagine it is. Is it all real? Equally unimagined.

Do we give up though?

No. We have to do our best to not fall apart and give up hope. Do we stand our ground? Absolutely. And, plant seeds while we’re at it.

Sitting still and doing nothing breeds paralysis. Like, I literally feel numb when I stop and read the news or watch videos on what’s happening “out there!”

I refuse to let it get to me, but man, it’s tough.

I’m playing for the long-term win, not today’s feel-good win. If I don’t make it, then so be it, but I won’t give up hope on the future of humanity.

Our actions today matter. Our actions tomorrow matter. And, importantly, our REACTIONS matter. How we react and what we react to matters.

The more we (collective we) continue to give a platform for unacceptable behavior, outright racism, extremists of any kind, etc., the more we accept it as our norm. Our culture changes and we start accepting the unacceptable and our own lives degrade.

We can’t let this happen.

Regardless of our personal beliefs in religion or higher powers, we all have a human responsibility here on earth and putting others on a pedestal for what I call idiotic behavior is a poor choice.

We get to choose what we see and pay attention to, so let’s start there.

If there are no eyes on the crap the major media outlets share, the models will change. We’re all being force-fed emotional mood-killers and anger spin-ups and being told how and what to think – and, someone, somewhere, is behind it all. You’ve seen the Wizard of Oz, right?

So, yes, our decisions today matter. Somewhere down the road we’ll be able to look back and either smile or be ashamed. I say we build what we can, now, and take our lumps while we’re learning. Or, at the very least, don’t go backwards.

Wanting things to be different is different than pretending they don’t exist. Just because I’m tired of the pandemic doesn’t mean I’m going to let my guard down and pretend it’s not there. Just because I do or don’t want a change in leadership doesn’t mean it will or won’t happen. Just because I think or feel a certain way doesn’t mean I get a free pass on treating others or other’s properties with disrespect or harm.

Life’s not fair.

Dealing with what life throws at you is an important part of being a responsible adult. Doesn’t matter where on earth you live. We all face hardships. We all have struggles. We all have seemingly insurmountable problems.

Saying “What does it matter?” or “What’s the point?” feels like a losing strategy. A mindset that’s not in it to win it. A mindset that limits and cripples you before you begin.

When nothing matters, nothing matters.

Pull yourself out of the gutter and remind yourself of the fact that you matter. You exist for a reason. And then find the next person and help pull them out too. We all need each other.

Laying face-down with a “give up” mindset is the quickest way to spiral downwards… and we all know it’s much easier to get trampled from the ground. And yes, people will kick you while you’re down. It’s inevitable. Some people just suck like that.

And, maybe that’s just it. Stand up for yourself so you don’t get walked on or kicked. Keep your head & spirits high so you don’t drown in all the negativity.

Stay in the game, friends. For most of us, everything going on in the world is just another CHECK, not CHECKMATE. This was just my way of telling them (and maybe someone who needs to hear it) to not give up hope. It’s possible we’re all suffering from lack of sleep, stress and an overload of crankiness.

Be careful & courteous out there! We’re all lugging around some fairly heavy baggage right now and some of it’s extremely fragile. ❤️

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