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What’s the point of Christmas?

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Life Lessons & Leadership | 2 comments

Lessons on Christmas

Okay, I’d love some input.

We got into a heated discussion the other night about Christmas .

“What is the point of Christmas?” I asked .

“It’s about Jesus!” one of them said .

“Can’t have Christmas without Christ!” another said .

“Great marketing spin”, I said, but what is it, really?

“It’s about the birth of Jesus… or was it the death of Jesus?… or that he rose again – no, that’s Easter” one mumbled somewhat coherently .

“Okay, what’s the point of Christmas as a holiday? Like, the whole season?” I asked again .

This time, I got 4 unique answers (I told them they couldn’t repeat each other so it took a couple of them a bit longer as they just liked part of the #3 answer) .

1. The point of Christmas is to give back to others .
2. The point of Christmas is to surprise people with gifts, not tell them ahead of time .

Okay, we’re getting answers…

3. The point of Christmas is to give and get .
4. The point of Christmas is to find ways to make others happy .

I ran the conversation, but I was documenting as I found it a bit humorous .

I was proud of them, but it also made me think – why do we spend so much time trying to get more stuff?

“What do you think so and so wants?” “What should we get that one lady?” “How much should we spend on Aunt Jemima?”

I mean, really, I spend most of my days thinking about what I can get rid of .

We’ve always made a big deal about Christmas and have gone above and beyond to make it magical for our kids, but we’ve also been cognizant of teaching them about Christmas .

The thing is, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the “things” and forget the reason for the season .

But, and this is where I need help, how do you all balance the two? How do you do it now with your kids? Or, how did you balance it when you had kids? Or, how was it handled when you were a kid?

I’d just like to know.

And, yes, I’m aware of the Mass of Christ origins (and Midnight Mass) and so are they, but it’s more of a “how do you really celebrate Christmas at home or when you’re alone or just with your family?” kind of question.

As in, outside of the church, what is the point of Christmas and what does Christmas really mean to you?

I say outside the church because a lot of people believe that going or merely making an appearance at church is what you’re “supposed” to do.

As if that has anything to do with your own personal faith.

I mean, really, what is it to you?

Is it the music? The musicals? The decorating? The cards? The auctions? The shows? The food? The parties? The movies? The traditions? The lights? The giving? Santa Claus? The elves? Elf on the Shelf? Gingerbread houses? The receiving? Reading the story of Jesus? The memories made with family? The eggnog?

The commercialization of it all?

I’m genuinely interested in any and all answers.

Like, really. I’m kind of stumped as to what my “celebration” answer is outside of what the marketing geniuses have turned it into.

Think about it and let me know.


There’s no right or wrong answer, so no judgment here.

And, for those who’d rather not post their thoughts, send me a message privately.


  1. Eden

    I landed here because I googled: “What’s the point of Christmas?”

    This is a question I’ve struggled with since becoming a believer in Jesus 9 years ago, and I haven’t found an answer. What’s the point? From Christians, all I hear is “Jesus”, and that’s fine. Except, what in the world does Jesus have to do with stockings and trees and cookies?

    I’m thankful to read your post, even though it doesn’t provide answers. It seems that you’re asking the same question. I can’t reconcile celebrating something, and dedicating a whole month to it, without some *reason*. WHY and WHAT are we celebrating. Because I’m not seeing a celebration of Jesus, personally, when my children open up gifts they don’t need and.. what else? What even else is there to Christmas, really? All I see is vanity.

    Like you said… outside of church. I recognize the majesty and incredulousness of God becoming man. It’s an awesome truth, and truly more amazing than we’ll ever comprehend… the fact that HE would come down for US…. But when you slap a decorated tree next to it, and some oversized socks, and unneeded “things”… It trivializes it, and it makes me feel bitter against this “holiday” of nonsense.

    People act like Christmas is the end all be all of life… “The most wonderful time of the year”; the “Christmas Spirit” as some high to attain to. (What even is that?)

    I can’t find a single shred of meaning, and I can’t help thinking everyone around me is crazy to think that they’re worshipping Jesus by lighting a tree.

    For non-Christians, I get it. What else do they have in life? Christmas is their replacement for God: their joy, their peace, their love is all wrapped up in this celebration, and what they call “the magic of Christmas”. But for us… who have something so much better…


    That’s my philosophical struggle that I have every (single..) year. As far as in practice, we do the things. We usually have a tree, although we don’t this year (just because our car broke down in October and we’ve yet to replace it). We have stockings… we do gifts. That’s about it: the basics. My husband’s view on it is that it’s “just fun”. He doesn’t see it as having anything to do with Jesus, but sees it as merely an American tradition. I can respect his position more than I can most, but even so I can’t understand why we would dedicate so much time and resources to something with so little meaning.

    Again, I ask, what’s the point?

    And.. if people do more with their Christmas celebration; if they give and serve and things like that, and it’s blessed for them, I’m glad. But do they still do the tree? the trimmings? the wrapped up “stuff”? If so, why? I still wonder: what is the purpose in *those*?

    And I must ask (without judgement or bitterness): If these kindnesses towards others are done in December, and not done (or done to a lesser degree) in other months, what is the reason for that? The reason for this month being different; more sacred? Is it this mystical “Christmas Spirit”? Does anyone have an answer?

    • Shawn Trautman

      I’m literally sitting here smiling and shaking my head in agreement with many of your questions and statements. I appreciate your comment and love that you shared it here. Thank you, Eden! And, Merry Christmas!

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