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Shawn Trautman is a world-renowned instructor with more than 30 years of expertise. He is an award-winning coach, published author, decorated choreographer, serial entrepreneur, corporate leadership trainer, and a recognized producer with over 75 full-length instructional DVDs to his credit.

To date, millions of people around the world have transformed their dancing with his help, and his instruction DVDs have been featured in colleges, Universities, high schools & middle schools as the main curriculum due to it’s simplicity, layout and thorough breakdowns.

Shawn’s ability to connect with his audience in an empathetic manner is perhaps his strongest quality. With Shawn, it’s not just about taking dance lessons, but it’s everything that you’ll be going through, feeling & thinking while you undergo the transition.


Shawn is an unrivaled instructor formed by a lifetime of character development and leadership application in combination with decades of specialized sports & dance training. Why is this important? Shawn not only understands how to dance, he understands what you need to be thinking to get your body moving correctly, and most importantly, he shows & tells you exactly what you need to see & hear to make it work.

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Shawn Trautman not only has ‘it’, he literally wrote the book…

Some people are gifted with the ‘it’ factor, and when it comes to dance and getting people dancing, Shawn Trautman not only has ‘it’, he literally wrote the book (Picture Yourself Dancing)!

Each video was designed to increase your confidence, fast, using a combination of visual, auditory & kinesthetic techniques to ensure the largest number of successes. Drawing on experiences from his competitive dancing, coaching in country, ballroom, swing, and west coast swing, his MBA, corporate leadership training, and his expertise in program management, his videos are designed to work with and for you and maximize your dancing.

Each dance video you’ll find here was developed for people who have the ability to listen and follow directions and that have either intrinsic or external motivations that drive them. It’s not enough to have full step-by-step dance lessons laid out in front of you, you have to want it.

If you’re ready to fully trust instructors who are ready to take on the task of giving you what you need, then Shawn’s lessons are exactly where you need to start!

Who is Shawn Trautman Instruction for?

These lessons are for people who want to impress others. They’re for people who want to make new friends and be more social because they’re part of the action and not just sitting out and watching. They’re for people who want to improve the quality of their interactions with others – have better dates, connect quicker with partners, and look better doing it.

What makes Shawn’s lessons stand out?

Depth. Organization. Clear communication. Stacked learning. Foundation building. Confidence boosts. Our passion is for sharing info that truly changes lives.

Where did Shawn Trautman Instruction start?

Shawn Trautman has developed one of the most trusted and successful dance instruction methods for teaching beginners (Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection) with video. His true skillset is in leadership and connecting with others and this means you’ll have exclusive access to both his content and his drawing board of upcoming lessons where you can collaborate directly with him.

Shawn is a ‘people-person’. He listens, learns & creates a sense of genuine interest that people gravitate to. He has a charm about him that comes naturally. This sort of connectivity to others is yet another trait of Shawn’s that makes him an amazing leader of people.

– Clayton Brown Mayo

Resume Highlights

January 1992 – Present

Lead Instructor & Coach

• 30+ years in teaching, coaching & mentoring in country, swing, Latin & ballroom for individuals, couples, line dancers & teams.
• Received numerous Top Teacher awards & set up curriculum for countless independent instructors, ballrooms & teaching facilities.
• Planned, directed & produced a full line of instructional DVDs (61) with 10+ becoming #1 best-sellers in their respective genres.
• Created full line of courses that combine advanced learning techniques w/multimedia presentations & sports-related teaching tools.

August 10, 2006

Published Author & Instruction Model Developer

• Authored & published Picture Yourself Dancing, a 318-page instructional book through Thomson Course Technologies (Boston, MA)
• Developed & licensed the instructional model & breakdown of components used for the entire “Picture Yourself” series (100+ books).
• Received award for fewest number of edits and was the fastest contract-to-release book in the history of Thomson Course Technologies.

I’ve known Shawn well for 18 years. He is a brilliant planner, very successful entrepreneur, knowledgeable and trusted business advisor, and has
the greatest work ethic of anyone I know. Added to that, he has impeccable character and ethics, and is a great family man! I would recommend
Shawn for virtually any position he wanted to be challenged by. I’ve watched him take on many jobs, a couple of businesses, and he has excelled
at all of them.

– Lt. Col. Steve Cash

Brand Overview

The Shawn Trautman Instruction brand encompasses all Shawn Trautman Instruction DVDs, the #1 Rated Learn to Dance Video Series in dance lesson videos with over 10,000 online reviews, a best-selling instruction book, over 100 registered copyrights, 2 registered trademarks (“Save Time. Dance Better.” & “Dancing Success Starts HERE!”), and hundreds of individual writings on life, leadership, sports, coaching & training.

With over three decades of dance instruction to his credit and ten years of video production experience, Shawn Trautman is considered the leader in innovation and curriculum development for dance lessons on video with a specialty in beginner dance lessons & a focus on remarkable customer service.

My Mission

“My mission is to provide each and every person with a viable way to learn how to and take part in the most exhilarating, fun and social experience ever known – the act of dancing… and to do so with the most affordable means possible while making the task of finding, evaluating and purchasing learn to dance video lessons as easy and seamless as possible.” – Shawn Trautman

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