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So you know when you have a great product, but its not flying off the shelves? Or your restaurant isn’t as packed as you hoped?

This is where I come in, whether it is

  • Branding Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Strategy
  • Managing Managers

I dedicate my time and attention to empowering your team to work through the current challenges and prepare effectively for subsequent situations, saving you thousands of dollars in problem prevention while opening avenues to revenue streams not previously available. The cost of not taking action is tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and added avoidable expenses.

Step Out from the Herd

Together we can envision, redesign & transform your business

Whether you’re experiencing growing pains, have high employee turnover, no business strategy or poor marketing objectives, together we can get you back on track, quickly..

Business can be rough and going about it alone is even worse. Let’s team up and work through a number of objectives so you’ll know how to gauge the work we do. Your business will be up and thriving before you know it and we’ll be able to track things like:

  • Customer Satisfaction Metrics
  • Customer Profiles & Frequency Patterns
  • Long-Term Customer Value
  • Opportunity Costs for Inaction

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Let my experience & knowledge accelerate your company’s growth. 

General Business Consulting

Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy

Social Strategy

Managing Managers

Earned Value Management System

Project Planning & Scheduling

Professional Copywriting

Supercharge Management Leadership Seminars


What We Can Do For You

Taking your company to the next level often requires something extra, something you didn’t already have in your arsenal, and that is where I come in.  My critical eye for detail, combined with training in marketing, management, and strategic planning makes for a potent mix that can launch your brand past your competition and directly to your customers.

Strategic Planning

Lay out the short term and long range goals for your business.

Brand Management

Give your product a life of its own with decisive brand management. 

Marketing Strategy

The 4 P’s made simple. Make it easy for your customers!



Words drive action with content that vibrantly engages your audience.

From Shawn

Let’s Go Branding

#BuildABrand #WelcomeToMoes #MoreThanALogo #CustomersFirst #Awareness #Options #Choices #Lesson #Learn #Branding #Business   by SHAWN TRAUTMAN “Let’s Go Branding!” There was a time I’d go out of my way to find a Moe’s. I know the food isn’t quite the best quality out...

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Make It Happen

You are it. You’re the one that can make it happen. Not me. Not them. Not some stranger. Not us. You. A team of one.

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First Impressions

“I don’t know if she understood, dad” says my daughter. “And, why do you do that to people?” I pondered this for only a few seconds before answering and then my answer was clear…

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I’ve Never Been to a Hooters

When most people think of branding, they think of colors and logos. Branding is the core essence of your existence. It’s what your brand represents. It’s what your brand conveys. It’s the imagination your brand ignites. It’s the experience and feelings and atmosphere. It’s the floors, tables, dust, and lighting. It’s the menu & word choices, the food, the speed, and the smile that comes with it. It’s the bathrooms and the soap and the garbage and the type of toilet paper. It’s the system that works to remind you that you’re there for a reason. It’s what gets you to talk about it over and over and over.

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