Dance 2024: Online & DVD

“Not only am I an instructor, but I’m also an avid consumer who loves to dance! I’m also someone who’s been frustrated by the large number of learn to dance videos (that I own) that failed to deliver what they should have. I vowed I’d find a better way and that’s exactly what we did and why our business has exploded in recent years. Every dance I teach I have first-hand experience with & I make it a point to deliver the ins and outs of the instruction you really need to succeed on the dance floor. The last thing I want to do is bore you w/dance moves, whether country, swing, west coast swing, or line dancing, that you’ll never see in a club or with theory that has no real-world value. The dances and moves you’ll learn here you’ll use the rest of your life!”

Shawn Trautman


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