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Hustle – Disco Dance Lessons (Online Video & DVD Instruction)

Detailed step-by-step dance lessons that show hustle in an amazingly easy-to-follow manner! In minutes you’ll turn your living room into a disco party & you’ll be having a blast dancing the hustle, one of our all-time favorite dances!

Shawn & Joanna bring the best disco-style dancing to your living room in a fun & easy fashion. Dance along as you learn/relearn the dance you’ll soon be requesting more of. The Hustle is about being smooth & that’s just what you’ll get here!

Perfect for all ages & stages

Beginning, intermediate and advanced disco dancers agree: Shawn Trautman DVDs transform any space into a Saturday Night Fever dance floor. You can almost see the flecks of light hitting your sleeve as Shawn takes you through the fundamentals of the Hustle, that upbeat couple’s dance of the 70’s. The re-emergence of this groovy dance has many couples dancing to Top 40 hits as well as disco classics, and the versatile Hustle has even morphed into a line dance.

Trust the Trautman touch to help you master this smooth dance and its variations. You’ll feel as if Shawn Trautman is right there in your living room, teaching you amidst the tunes of The Village People and The Bee Gees.

Whether you choose to hustle down to the local dance hall or stay in the comforts of your living room, Shawn Trautman disco DVDs give you the ability to enjoy the dance – with or without the disco ball. Order your disco dance lesson videos or DVDs today.

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