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Swing Dancing

Swing Dance Lessons (Instruction Videos Online & DVD)

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step swing dance lesson videos and DVDs that show normal people how to dance using fun and creative methods… In just minutes you’ll be dancing along to your favorite swing songs with lessons you won’t find anywhere else!

“we wanted to learn how to swing dance but felt so self-conscious on the dance floor that we couldn’t do the classes. this really helped get us started on our own turf. we bought vol 2 & int vol 1 and highly recommend all 3. the quality is good and Shawn focuses on the lead role quite a bit, which is what we need the most help from.” – L. Baker

Swing dancing enables you to get out there and heat up the dance floor more frequently than you ever thought possible. You are now swing dancing at specific swing events in your area, as well as at country nightclubs, ballrooms, and almost every dinner and dancing special occasion that has come up. The timeless swing will not go out of style any time soon with its toe-tapping beat and hip dance moves.

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