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Latin Dancing and Dance Lesson Videos
These step-by-step dvds and online videos break down the hottest latin steps using quick, easy drills and the latest styles for the clubs… within minutes you’ll be dancing the salsa, cha-cha and others with confidence thanks to videos that are much easier than just fumbling around trying to pick up steps.

“In preparation for my cousin’s wedding my husband and I learned the basic steps of the salsa along with a few fancy moves that added some flair! after following along with the dvd we felt very comfortable dancing with the salsa experts in the room.” R. Wood ’08

Latin couples dancing is the hot and steamy subculture of the dance world. Just as the dances and subcultures vary in different parts of Latin America, so do the Latin dances vary across the globe.

On this page you’ll find information regarding Latin dancing that you’ll want to know and understand prior to immersing yourself in the club dance scene.

If you’re ready to start dancing now, click the image below to get started. Otherwise, keep reading and you’ll learn about the best ways to start your dance lessons, what to wear to your lessons and to the clubs, the most popular Latin dances, and also some other great tips and resources on Latin dancing and instruction in general.

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