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Slow Dance

Slow Dancing Lessons: Video Instruction & DVDs

Slow Dance Lessons with Shawn Trautman will have you dancing to those songs you’ve always loved, but gotten sick of just swaying back and forth to. Shawn Trautman Instruction will have you looking smooth and graceful quickly with easy to follow instruction in your own home.

Since the beginning of time, people have stood together and swayed in the comfort of each other’s arms. Then one day, music was invented, and people still swayed. In the 1400’s, people came to America for a new beginning. The music played, and the people still swayed. The new millenium is here; the music still plays. Why are you still swaying? Shawn Trautman’s online video lessons and DVDs are here to provide steps that will make every moment memorable. Every move is a new and innovative method designed to make you feel comfortable on the dance floor. Step into a new world; and never say “I’m sorry, I can’t dance” again with these Slow Dance Lessons by Shawn Trautman.

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