Dance 2024: Online & DVD


Wedding Dance Lessons (First Dance, Music, & Videos)

Dance lesson videos (available as online lessons and DVDs) that show brides, grooms, & guests how to dance using detailed step-by-step exercises that are fast, easy & fun… in just minutes you’ll be up, dancing & feeling good about dancing in front of your friends at the upcoming party!

“With all of the other wedding expenses, our dance lessons with a personal instructor fell out of the budget. We decided to at least get an instructional dvd to help us out. We have had a great time learning to slow dance and will have a lot more confidence on the day of the wedding… Shawn and his wife are great instructors. I feel like we should almost invite them to the wedding!” A. Walters

Learning to dance for a wedding is one of those motivators that is often discussed and much less frequently acted upon. Once the expenses start cropping up, the leftover funds for dance lessons continue to dwindle. Don’t let your budget or your busy schedule keep you from having a wonderfully memorable first dance at your wedding.

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