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Two-Step Master Collection – 14 Dance Lesson Set

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Comprehensive Two-Step lessons cover beginner, intermediate, and advanced steps, moves, and patterns.  14 Lessons include Two-Step 101, Two-Step Basics 1-3, Two-Step Moves & Patterns 1-8, and Two-Step Advanced 1 & 2.

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Read more Original price was: $489.86 USD.Current price is: $299.99 USD.

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Two-Step Dance Lessons that fit YOUR schedule

The principles of the Shawn Trautman Instruction method get you dancing on the correct foot from the start, with Shawn anticipating your every question as you progress through your lesson.  His years of experience, vast training as an instructor, and natural kinesthetic intelligence work together for your benefit as he focuses his energy, talent, and attention on getting you Two-Stepping with style.

Each of the 14 dance lessons included in Shawn Trautman’s Two-Step Mastery System are designed to be done as either a single session dance lesson, complete with reviews and practice time, or depending on your schedule, can be broken into smaller dance lessons, where you can focus on one concept or pattern that is taught in that particular lesson.  On top of the core curriculum covered in each lesson, Shawn offers bonus material in each lesson that gives practice drills, styling tips, or even extra leads or footwork to spice up one or more of the moves covered during the regular lesson.

Take advantage of Shawn’s expertise and enthusiasm as both a dancer and teacher for the phenomenally popular Country Two-Step. This staple of country dancing will never go out of style, and is popular in every corner of the globe where country music is played.  Shawn Trautman and the Two-Step Mastery System will take your Country Two-Step from a sedate stroll around the dance floor to a high energy adventure that is guaranteed to wow every time.

When you order Shawn Trautman’s
Two-Step Mastery System you get all this:

14 dance lessons that are packed with fun absolute beginner, intermediate, and advanced how to Country Two-Step dance lessons, specifically created to take you from rhythmless non-dancer to confident Two-Stepper – guaranteed!  Each dance lesson is carefully crafted to introduce you to new concepts, review old ones, and help you put it all together an in practice on the dance floor with step-by-step dance lessons using an unparalleled “This is How to Country Two-Step” method.

The Two-Step Basics, which is a unique product in Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection and currently only available for Two-Step, is the premiere beginner dance lesson experience on the market. Inspired by Shawn’s wildly successful beginner two-step private lesson curriculum, the Two-Step Basics breaks down the fundamental dance concepts of Two-Step into simple easy-to-follow concepts, from which you build a sturdy, reliable, and consistent Two-Step that will hold up on any and every dance floor. This premium example of how the Shawn Trautman Instruction method has been used successfully by thousands of dancers, young and young at heart around the world.

Two-Step 101 represents the Country Two-Step as a dance in part of Shawn Trautman’s revolutionary new Beginner Dance 101 Series. This high-energy lesson is an excellent bridge between the slow and easy pace of Two-Step Basics and the more challenging tempo set in the intermediate Two-Step Moves and Patterns Series.

The upbeat soundtrack provides excellent practice music that will have your toes tapping and feet moving from the start to finish of this dance lesson. This lesson is priced at $34.99, but delivers the full curriculum of a $200.00 private lesson with ShawnThis DVD is a highly rated and popular beginner Country Two-Step product around the world.

The Two-Step Moves and Patterns Series, which currently includes 8 packed lessons of intermediate Two-Step dance moves, will start moving your Two-Step out of Beginner basics and into the turns, spins, and moves that make learning how to Country Two-Step fun and exciting.  The proverbial training wheels come off during this series of dance lessons, and Shawn guides you through progressively more complex and challenging moves, all while still maximizing his easy-to-follow signature Shawn Trautman Instruction Method.

Last, but certainly not least, Two-Step Advanced Volumes 1 & 2 round out the Two-Step Mastery System, building from everything you know to truly make your Two-Step explode from the mundane to the extraordinary with moves exclusive to Shawn Trautman and his never-fail, always works on the social floor, Two-Step dance style.

What’s important to note is that each of the above components are successfully teaching people around the world to Two-Step. The Two-Step Mastery System, however, is the ONLY way you’ll get all of Shawn’s secrets on how they all work together, as a true system, to really get you dancing!!!

Your Two-Step Mastery System is a true life-altering learning system that will change the way you feel about yourself out on the dance floor as quickly as it alters the way you move.  Instant online access to this system will get Shawn’s game-changing lessons into your hands quickly so you can start your own dance adventure, changing the world’s impression of you as well as your own. You will hold in your hands your keys for a life-style makeover – no time like the present to get started!

Who knows when, or if, such an opportunity will present itself to you again? Seize the moment by ordering your How to Country Two-StepLearning System or phone us at 1-877-326-2301 or 1-877-DANCE-01.

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9 reviews for Two-Step Master Collection – 14 Dance Lesson Set

  1. Matthew C. (verified owner)

    I find myself watching these lessons over and over

    “I was struggling with dancing the two step, and our local lessons move just a little too fast, and I didn’t want to give up but I was becoming so frustrated and there were times I felt like giving up. I came across the Shawn Trautman two step lessons on youtube and realized he is the instructor for me. I watched the two step video on youtube and practiced it for several days, and by the next class I didn’t have trouble with the basic anymore. I was sold and so I ordered the mastery set the very next day. I had to work out of town for two weeks and had the mastery set with me and practiced by myself in the hotel room every evening and when I came back to the dance floor, one of our new instructors said, “I don’t believe you’re a beginner”. She was asking how I became so good if I just started dancing. I told her I picked up these video lessons by Shawn Trautman and been using them nightly. She was very impressed.

    She was commenting later that evening that I was teaching her stuff! Every week when I go out now, I try out my new moves and the ladies are watching and I think they want to try me out because they’re coming up to me asking to dance and butting their way in! That didn’t happen before, I usually had to ask the ladies to dance! While dancing, the ladies are making comments like, “Very nice”, or “I’ve never been in this move before”. Nicole Frye is the female instructor on these videos, and her comments are very helpful. I find myself repeating her comments to some of the inexperienced ladies on the dance floor so I can help them out too. I find myself watching these lessons over and over, and over again. There is just so much information in each dance video. Every time I go back to one, something new pops out too that helps to increase my understanding. Thank you so much Shawn, Joanna, and Nicole.”

  2. Chris C. (verified owner)

    One of the very best things I ever did!

    “I purchased the 2-Step basics videos Vol. 1, 2, and 3 and it is one of the very best things I ever did! I liked the single focus and how in depth it got. After using these instructional videos for a couple of weeks, I went out and danced the 2-Step very well. Many of the women I danced with thought I was an experienced dancer. When I told them this was my first time, they could not believe it!! I have been a classroom teacher for forty years and I know the value of learning something right the first time! If you want to learn the 2-Step the right way, Shawn’s videos are the way too go!!”

  3. Tawannae (verified owner)


    “This dance lesson set is excellent for learning the two-step. Shawn breaks the basics down in such a way that it is almost like having private lessons. Shawn makes you feel like he is right in your living room!! I am attending group lessons but I learned so much more from watching Shawn in this video. I am so excited I am going to order the complete set and the WEST COAST SWING and share with friends! I had a friend who I thought was hopeless and after watching volume one he got up and danced exactly to the beat… something he did not do at the actual lessons we attended! Thank you SHAWN!!”

  4. Joe P. (verified owner)

    These Basics are Solid!

    “I also want to add that the basics was an excellent foundation and here’s why. My girlfriend is an experienced solo dancer in multiple styles (line, hip hop, lyrical, etc.). But she is not very experienced in couples dancing. When I was using your basics DVDs the very beginning of the summer, I had near no knowledge of dancing. I just started some line dancing at country western bars. With that background considered, I looked at your lessons mainly by myself. My girlfriend was very busy but also a little impatient to sit through the DVDs, she’ll admit. She would say, “I’m a good follower, just lead and spin me.” She is generally great at winging-it since she is a fast learner and adjuster. I’m the opposite, I am a slow learner but I have a great memory. Here is my point. After I got a solid understanding of the steps by myself, I practiced my garage a few times with my girlfriend and it was incredibly easy for me to describe what I was going to do, whether a step, prep, or turn. Because the beginner lessons move at a snail’s pace, it was very easy for me to understand not only where to step, but weight shift and hand position. I have tried picking up line dances on youtube but the steps and weight shifting runs together and I cant pick it up properly. Also, because you reveal common misconceptions and bad habits, it was easy to spot. Next thing you know, we go dancing and I only do half turns the entire night. Then, I work on cape and wrap only. We start cleaning up the steps. The basics you gave me were so solid, that it has been very easy to add more to my dancing menu. Thank you!”

  5. Elizabeth L. (verified owner)

    Easy to learn

    “Purchased so we could go dancing. And this makes it so easy. We used to just sit and watch from the side in amazement now we are out there two stepping it up! Date nights are much more exciting now!”

  6. L Olson (verified owner)

    Dancing made EASY!

    “A great way to pick up new skills for the next dance! I love Shawn’s teaching & Joanna’s exuberance. The dance lesson setup makes it easy to go directly to the section you need to practice.”

  7. J. Apgar (verified owner)

    Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 1 ROCKS!

    “I absolutely love this dance lesson! The primary topics covered are how to get into a promenade, and then how to exit the promenade into mirrored vines or skater’s position. Shawn Trautman continues to show what a wonderful dance instructor he is by showing the foot-work while explaining what he did to lead each move. I especially enjoyed the Bonus section of the lesson where Shawn Trautman and Nicole Frye shared other options to exit the previous moves, such as torque turns and faster mirrored vines. I will continue to purchase Shawn Trautman’s instructional dance videos-they are always exceptional.”

  8. Jazuumba (verified owner)


    “WOW! The material in Trautman’s Moves & Patterns videos is really good stuff. Trautman/Frye present a series of moves with inside and outside turns starting out of the promenade position, working through torques and open releases, and eventually incorporate a windmill maneuver. When Frye, a national champion, pauses, looks at the camera, and says of the windmill maneuver, “it looks really fancy”, you know you can take that to the bank! In his usual style, Trautman patiently walks you through the leads for each move, giving specific instructions for body/hand/foot positioning, which ultimately means you CAN lead this (guys), and follow this (gals) very successfully. On the back end of the video there is bonus material to challenge you. This material gives you an opportunity to come back, once you have the basic leads and steps down, to refine the moves in the pattern to produce an even more fluid and polished look.

    I’m not saying that my dance partner and I picked it all up the first time through, but we worked diligently through the material, used the moves at our next country dance night, and had immediate and positive feedback from people who were there. To me, that is the ultimate endorsement.”

  9. Ben D. (verified owner)

    Great Production Value!!

    “I wanted to say that I really like the Two-Step dance lessons. I have gone thru 4 of the moves and patterns lessons and also done one of the Advanced lessons. I think the videos are done well and have a great production value! There are a few places to country dance out here in Omaha. And they play a lot of two-step and triple-step songs as well has have some simple dance lessons early in the evening. They also do line dances and Stationary cha-cha is always fun. I purchased these video lessons because I figured I could learn a lot of different moves on my own time for a decent price. I have also looked at private lessons but they cost anywhere from 35-50 dollars per hour. Overall I like these patterns and think they will add a lot to my dancing palate! I hope that you will come out with more Advanced Two-Step Lessons. I would also be interested in a Cha-Cha Patterns set! Thanks again.”

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