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Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 6

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Progress around the floor with this intermediate 2Step course. You will master the Promenade to Alternating Follower/Leader Outside Turns with Open Release (Inside Turns were covered on V4), Promenade to Alternating Follower/Leader Outside Turns with Hand Change to Cape Position to Torque Turns with Open Release, Promenade to Alternating Follower/Leader Outside Turns with Overhead Behind the Back Hand Change to Advanced Skaters Position to Torque Turns with Open Release, Additional Leader Turns, and more Two-Step Moves & Patterns with ease.

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As you progress with your 2-Step lessons, you'll start accruing a bit of a repertoire of moves, but the question becomes how to string them together. This volume is where Shawn's underlying focus as you master steps, technique, moves and patterns is on movement connections and how one position flows into the next. This is the 2-Step lesson where you and your partner make huge steps toward understanding lead and follow cues as you master the material under Shawn and Nicole's tutelage.

As always during his country dance lessons, Shawn takes the time to give you valuable bonus material geared to take your newly acquired knowledge and honing it into artistry with a couple of options that will blow your socks off! Shawn's 2-Step Moves & Patterns has proved to be just as addictive as the others as you take your dancing from good to spectacular over the course of a lesson.

4 reviews for Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 6

  1. Chris Morgan (verified owner)


    “After watching the first five dance lessons of this series we were wondering what could be next and if it would be as cool as everything else we’d covered. It absolutely held up to our expectations. Great moves and style tips and certainly worth every second spent learning it and every cent spent on it.”

  2. Clawson (verified owner)

    Moves & Patterns – Vol 6

    “Moves and Patterns Vol 6–WOW! The material in Trautman’s video is really good stuff. Trautman/Frye present a series of moves with inside and outside turns starting out of the promenade position, working through torques and open releases, and eventually incorporate a windmill maneuver. When Frye, a national champion, pauses, looks at the camera, and says of the windmill maneuver, “it looks really fancy”, you know you can take that to the bank! In his usual style, Trautman patiently walks you through the leads for each move, giving specific instructions for body/hand/foot positioning, which ultimately means you CAN lead this (guys), and follow this (gals) very successfully. On the back end of the video there is bonus material to challenge you. This material gives you an opportunity to come back, once you have the basic leads and steps down, to refine the moves in the pattern to produce an even more fluid and polished look.

    I’m not saying that my dance partner and I picked it all up the first time through, but we worked diligently through the material, used the moves at our next country dance night, and had immediate and positive feedback from people who were there. To me, that is the ultimate endorsement.”

  3. Chris B (verified owner)

    Moves are flawless and easy to follow I asked what could be next then …

    “Moves are flawless and easy to follow I asked what could be next then I pulled up this Volume and wow… blown away. you get plenty of time to learn and practice in this video. The bonus material really helps out I know a few people out at the local dance hall that will love when I bust these moves out. Being only 24 and that’s the average age at the dance hall where I go it really helps me stand out from the crowd with these moves. I can tie in all the moves I have learned from before flawlessly on the floor. Its great to see other couples when the girl says to her partner why cant you do that or wow that was impressive and I have had more then a fair share of them ask me how did I learn to dance like that. More then happy to point then in the direction of these dance lessons.”

  4. Gary Lee (verified owner)

    challenging and worth learning!

    “This dance lesson was more challenging to me, but after much practice, it’s been worth learning! The comments I’m getting from my dance partners continue to be to the tune of “Wow, I’ve never done that before, but I liked it!” The moves look good, especially the arm movements in section 3; these are getting positive attention and are fun to do.

    Over the last couple of months, I’ve been practicing material mostly just from Shawn’s “Moves & Patterns” 5 and 6. They go together because Lesson 6 is a build on Lesson 5, from the intermediate level. You could almost say there’s so much material on Moves & Patterns 5, that it took an additional Moves & Patterns dance lesson to fit the extra material onto. And if you know how good volume 5 is, then you can set your expectations high with the follow-up companion lesson!

    When you begin to master 5, the easier volume 6 will become. I wouldn’t recommend trying to move too fast through the intermediate dance lessons or jumping ahead without having watched Volumes 1-5, as these were meant to be watched sequentially. As you move through them, at times you may feel stuck on certain basic moves (if you didn’t already get the basics down), and you may want to go back to practice/review before adding on new patterns. While that sometimes can be helpful, just keep in mind that in each dance lesson, Shawn does a good job of briefly covering material from prior lessons, and that reduces the need to flip back to other videos (as long as you’ve already gotten those previous moves down).

    In Volume 6 (and 5), almost always after I go into promenade and turn the girl inside once, for some reason the girls keep taking steps backwards, instead of continuing to move forward down the line of dance, making it hard for me to complete section 2 and 3 material. That’s where I was most challenged. Ultimately it’s most likely me that’s not leading the girl properly (I’m the guy after all), maybe I’m turning my body too far to the side or behind us, but it might also be due to girls being used to being pulled a certain way by their other dance partners. To counter this, I do a couple of things: I’ve found I need to be a bit more assertive in my lead to help the girls ‘feel’ where to turn and what direction to go. If you look closely in the videos, you can see how Shawn uses his hands to assert his intention to move the girls a certain direction; and he’ll talk about this as well. It just takes practice.

    Also, notice in the practice/review sections of the dance lesson, Shawn doesn’t just go straight into the full entirety of the pattern on the dance floor to begin a routine. He starts off with section 1, then 2, then 3. Volume 6, like other Moves & Patterns lessons, has three main sections for a reason, so you can progressively improve and add on moves, so use this to your advantage: Instead of going into the full pattern immediately on the dance floor, I’ve learned to “teach” the girl what’s coming next by giving her the ‘section one’ piece 2-3 times in a row while moving around the dance floor, which helps her mentally learn to move forward down the line of dance. Then the next time I come back to do the full move, as she’s learned to go the correct direction, that’s when I’ll add the additional pieces of the pattern, and all the while, she’s going the right direction. This has made a big difference and now I’m leading the girls a lot better.

    Lastly, this is Volume 6 in the INTERMEDIATE series. If it wasn’t challenging, I’d actually be disappointed! What good would this two-step dance lesson be if it’s so easy to learn that anyone can do it? There’d be no need to learn this off a video if the moves were common in dance halls. What if the moves were so easy and they had no difficulty… would you really expect the moves to be any good? That’d be boring for you, for her, and you’d just dance in a basic oval. Think about this for comparison: if a magician shows a simple magic trick, is anyone impressed? Would it be that hard to learn the secret behind the trick? The answer is no. The more complex the trick, the more complexity you can expect it is to learn, the more time you can expect to spend learning, in which case you would HOPE someone like Shawn is there to teach you step-by-step how to do the trick correctly. And that’s what he does on each of these dance lessons; he’s a great teacher.

    If something looks hard, it will probably be hard to learn. But once learned, you look like a genius because not everyone can do it. To learn what’s on these video lessons, watch them multiple times, practice, time, energy, desire… these things help you advance your two-step skills to the next level.”

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