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Salsa Verde: Tomatillos

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3 years ago we started with a single tomatillo plant and a bit of hope. Today, we have 15 super-healthy, wide-bottomed sprawling tomatillo plants (pronounced toe-muh-tea-yo).

They look like little green paper lanterns, but, inside is a delicious little green ball of goodness. Just a quick peel-back of the paper like seemingly hollow coating (when they’re super ripe they pop out of their paper) and you have what you’re looking for. After a nice cold bath with a bunch of friends, it was time to turn things up a notch.

After a thorough picking and about an hour of elapsed time from start to finish, we ended up with about 2 1/4 gallons of Salsa Verde. Then, after a night to let the flavors all settle in, it was quickly canned and stored, conveniently, in 22 pint sized jars.

We’ll be having another round before too long – if you’d like for Joanna to show you how it all comes together and what all goes in it, please say so.

And… For the record, this stuff is worthy of entering into only the finest taste-test competitions you could find.

¡Qué rica comida!

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