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Swing Dancing for Beginners Volume 1 – Online Dance Lesson + DVD

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A beginner Swing Dancing course that will have you mastering the rhythm, timing and footwork, connection, basic steps, left turns, right turns, underarm turns, and more East Coast Swing with ease.


Jump into Swing Dancing with Shawn Trautman’s tried and true Swing Dancing for Beginners Volume 1. This is a step-by-step beginner level course where Shawn and Joanna teach everything from the ground up. You will be dancing in minutes as you move through this course.

Now, this isn’t some fancy-schmancy ‘move-after-move’ video that loses you from the get-go. It’s the kind of instruction you’d get if you found the very best teacher in your area and REALLY got them to focus on just YOU for the entire lesson. You’ll know more than just how to do the basics, you’ll get a bit of history of Swing, how to do all the steps, what the footwork is for both leaders and followers, how to use connection points to your advantage, and how to go from one move to another to another, seamlessly.

In addition, you’ll get Shawn’s exclusive tips that make this dance wildly successful! There’s little things like body positioning, how to do left & right turns, underarm turns, and much more that you’ll only find on this video. With more than two decades of experience, a number of World Champion students to their credit, and their book “Picture Yourself Dancing”, Shawn and Joanna have perfected the basic elements of each dance while specializing in the leading and following aspects which are extremely hard to find.

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