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Triple Two-Step 101

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Master the essential beginner moves of one of the most popular country dances with Shawn & Joanna Trautman & Triple Two-Step 101. This fun & easy dance is great exercise, is energizing, and can be done to the majority of today’s hot country dance hits! Available exclusively on as an Online Lesson.

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Triple Two-Step is one of those great dances that, once you get it, you'll fall in love with it! You'll be flying around the dance floor in no time with the upbeat and lyrical country dance that's sweeping the nation. Triple Two-Step 101 will round out your country repertoire fast, so get on board now and be ready for the next dance!

  • Fast & Easy Triple Two-Step Lessons
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Tips for Leaders
  • Tips for Followers
  • Tips for Staying on the Beat
  • Great Exercise

Triple Two-Step 101 is available as a streaming online lesson only exclusively here on This lesson is no longer available in DVD Format.

6 reviews for Triple Two-Step 101

  1. D. Robbin (verified owner)

    Love it!

    “Love it! Your new triple two step dance lesson broke down the basics in such a way that my wife and I got it immediately. We’ve already worked our way through it all and have been out practicing twice in the last week! We’ve already started telling our friends about how easy you’ve made this for us. Thanks again!”

  2. Sam J (verified owner)

    Nicely done – easy to follow

    “Nicely done – beginners will learn the basics of triple 2-step and get a strong foundation of this dance while getting to dance quite a few different steps. The format is very easy to follow and I’ll definitely use this as a refresher going forward.”

  3. Kristen C (verified owner)

    SO much fun!!

    “Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the Triple Two Step 101 dance lesson, it is SO much fun!! You two are very thorough with your instructions; you make it easy and comfortable to pick up on the steps and posture… it’s just a blast!!”

  4. Savanna J (verified owner)

    Shawn and Joanna Trautman made this dance lesson fun

    “We are getting the hang of these dances and we are loving every minute of it. We still have a lot of learning to do but we are sure having fun trying. These video lessons gave us a lot of new options on our dancing and has given us new challenges. Last weekend we learned the two-step so we thought this would be the logical next step and we were right. The dances definitely have their similarities, but they are more different than they are the same. The triple steps gave us a bit of trouble at first and we are working towards keeping our bodies smooth while we practice (it’s not as easy as it sounds). Once again, Shawn and Joanna Trautman made this lesson fun while breaking the dance into small pieces that we could understand and follow along with. We like that it followed the same structure as Two-Step 101 regarding the foundational pieces (rhythm and timing then style and connection then lead and follow). Once we get all these dances down our next challenge will be knowing which one we use when we are out dancing. Nonetheless, we are really enjoying the lessons and think highly of the 101 dance lessons.”

  5. Jenn T. (verified owner)

    Lessons that are JUST GREAT!

    “Your Triple Two-Step dance lessons are JUST GREAT! You two make this dance fun and have made it simple enough for us to follow right along with you. We really appreciate what you’ve done for us.”

  6. Chris M. (verified owner)


    “Okay so we learned how to do the traditional country 2-step thanks to Shawn and his crew and decided we would give the triple-2 step a shot to mix things up a bit with slower songs on at the club. This dance lesson once again was an impressive mix of perfect paced step by step instruction with good music and as always Shawn and his wife’s personable personalities. Excellent instruction for beginners!”

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