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Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 8

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Progress around the floor with this intermediate 2Step course. You will master the Follower’s Inside Turn to Cape to Skaters with Shoulder Catches with an Open Release, Follower’s Inside Turn to Cape to Skaters with Shoulder Catches to Behind the Back Turn with an Open Release, Follower’s Inside Turn to Cape to Skaters with Shoulder Catches to Behind the Back Turn to Wrap Unwrap with an Open Release, and more Two-Step Moves & Patterns with ease.

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$29.99 USD
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On Shawn Trautman's Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 8 Shawn Trautman and Nicole Frye will show you how to "Switch" it up a bit and add in moves from every angle and seemingly every direction. As you master the 3 patterns and more than 17 moves, you will also be absorbing the intermediate and somewhat advanced techniques that Shawn is communicating, demonstrating, and practicing with his trademark instruction style.

As always, once the main lesson is done and practice time is over, the fun doesn't come close to stopping. Shawn has included some show-stopping bonus material that is guaranteed to add the wow factor to any Two-Step bold enough to showcase these combinations on the dance floor!

2 reviews for Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 8

  1. Chris Morgan (verified owner)

    Keep it coming!

    “As my wife and I are working our way through the 8 moves and patters dance lessons we are thrilled with all we have learned. Volume 8 takes the cake with two of our most favorite moves yet. We cannot put into words how impressed we are with these online dance lessons from Shawn and Nicole because they are just THAT GOOD. Everything is done step by step and they often show you each step from a different angle so there is no way to goof it up. Highly recommend Volume 8 and all the moves videos shawn has put out. Cant wait to try out the other two advanced videos but really, how much more advanced can it get? We will soon find out!”

  2. Chris B (verified owner)

    Right on pace

    “Before I wrote this review I took the time to read the other review to see what others have thought and see if they have had the same unbelievable results…… And yes both Shawn and Nicole make this video perfect from the multiple angles to slowing down and explaining the more technical parts. Both what to do and what not to do. This video was great im going out dancing tonight and can’t wait to try these moves out. I frequently get asks where do I dance for what company and when I tell them that I am just a guy that goes out when he can to dance and have fun they dont believe me’…. (Huge ego booster by the way thanks for that one Shawn).But I alway tell them how I got to be such a good dancer and would recommend this set of video’s to every one!!!”

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