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What kind of person are you?

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As those that know me know, I am passionate about helping people learn new things and dancing has been a huge part of my life…. but it’s because I love the social ends of dance and helping others, not because I love “dancing”, as a standalone activity.  This is important because during the last 10-years I’ve come to realize there are definitely different (not good or bad, just different) types of people that dance – those that are truly ‘dancers’ and those that are regular guys and gals that simply enjoy dancing (not implying that dancers aren’t ‘regular people’).

I define them as such…


A person that loves everything about dance and lives, breathes & survives so they can perform and dance, even if they’re not in the dance industry, so-to-say. They’ll dance anywhere and everywhere if given the chance and love being called a “dancer”.  Often times you can find these people in studios, at ballrooms, at theme parks, on cruise ships and at weekend dance events, but it’s truly independent of their career. They’re also the ones who sporadically dance anywhere a good song comes on (in a restaurant, at a party, on the subway or the ’T’, etc.) and don’t mind drawing everyone’s attention. Sitting out a dance seems like a complete waste of time.

Regular Guy/Gal that Enjoys Dancing:

A guy or gal that enjoys dancing, but does so for a purpose or as a hobby.  Though they work hard at their dance-ability and take it seriously, they dance mainly when it’s part of a social gathering, to impress another guy or girl, for exercise, or for fun because they enjoy the atmosphere. Being called a ‘dancer’ makes them a bit uncomfortable though it’s understandable. Often times you can find these folks at nightclubs, dance clubs, social dances or just out with their friends at an event where there’s dancing, but rarely will you see them on the dance floor by themselves or trying to draw attention.

Where do you fit in?  How do you see yourself?

Perhaps you see yourself as both? Or, perhaps you were once a dancer but now just a regular guy or gal that loves to dance? There’s no right answer, just how you see yourself connecting and how you’d like to be seen.


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