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How & Why these videos rock

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Dancing Success Starts HERE - Shawn Trautman

1) The layout is a perfect setup for beginners
2) We include details that make learning SIMPLE
3) Unique WYSIWYD format allows you to dance along with instructors
4) Includes full lesson plans unlike “Date night” programs designed for quick “Show off” moves
5) We now have both online dance lessons that are available instantly and a complete line of over 50 DVDs that we ship same-day to hundreds of countries worldwide.
6) Lesson plans were built from an instructor who’s also a corporate trainer, an MBA, an author and a producer and who has built a reputation for the #1 rated instruction in the industry (in other words, they work!).

Join thousands of people who are now enjoying dancing for the first time in their lives!

It all starts with your instructor choice and where you go from here.

If you’re looking for confidence, clear-communications, detailed lesson plans and intuitively simple programs that will get you dancing faster than any other program out there, then let’s get started.

What’s my background, you ask?

I’m an athlete, turned dancer to meet women as a teenager, a highly acclaimed instructor for over 20 years (several top teacher awards), and a trainer to trainers.

I also have an MBA in Organizational Leadership & Training and am the author of the instruction curriculum for the entire “Picture Yourself” brand of books.

More so, I am a former DJ, nightclub owner, and coach to many dancers who became world champions in their respective divisions.

Will you get lessons that are simple and make sense? Absolutely!

Will you get frustrated by how fast I teach? Not a chance!

Here’s the thing. Our entire line of instructional videos was developed due to my inherent dislike of the dance industry and how difficult it is to learn to dance.

It’s hard to find lessons that are focused on YOU and that actually teach you to dance and that’s why we created what we did.

Unlike most dance studios or independent instructors, we don’t use our videos as a tool to get you into private lessons. We actually want you to learn and be able to dance. Novel, huh?

I personally guarantee our lessons and will go the extra mile to ensure you have what you need for success.

The toll-free number here on our site is a direct number to Joanna and I and we can help with any and every part of your journey.

If you’re looking to get started with lessons, if you’re currently frustrated with your lessons or have any questions at all, let us help you so we can work together on building the new you.

If you want to Save Time & Dance Better, our entire line of country, swing, line dancing, ballroom & latin videos will get you there.

For Two-Step, West Coast Swing, Hustle, Cha-Cha, Nightclub Two-Step, Line Dance, Double 2, Salsa, Slow Dancing, Waltz, Rumba & Tango, Dancing Success Starts HERE!


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