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Two-Step Moves & Patterns 8 Pack Online Dance Lessons + DVDs

All-inclusive Intermediate Two-Step 8 Dance Lesson package
* #1 The best material for learning intermediate 2-Step
* 24 Different Patterns Taught Step-by-Step

2-Step Dance Lessons that go beyond the basics and the simple 'how-to' of the most popular country western dance of all time. Shawn Trautman's All New 8 DVD 2-Step Moves series with over 10 hrs of non-stop 2-Step dance lessons will have you dancing like you never thought possible.

Teamed with former country dance champion Nicole Frye, Shawn unveils a new teaching format with intermediate 2-step lessons packed with 2-step patterns perfect for anyone who enjoys dancing to country music. In addition, each 2-step video has tons of tips & tricks on looking good and lead/follow concepts, bonus sections with exclusive country 2-step moves that'll keep you challenged, plenty of 2-step music for practicing, & much more!

This incredible all-inclusive 2-Step Moves and Patterns series teaches everything you need for true lead & follow 2-step; and does so using easy time-tested practice drills you won't find anywhere else... in no time flat you'll be up & dancing along to your favorite 2-step dance music.

Each of the country 2-step lesson DVDs is set up like a private 'how-to' dance lesson in your living room. Simply pop the disc in, push play, stand up, and dance along with Shawn and Nicole as you learn the new 2-step moves and patterns, train your body with proper exercises, and practice to 2-step music.

By the end of this set you’ll be confidently dancing 2-Step and doing the steps, turns, and spins you never thought were possible. With this impressive 8 DVD series on 2-Step Moves, we guarantee you'll have the time of your life and you'll enjoy 2-step more than you ever imagined!

Dance Lesson Videos Included in this Set

  • Two-Step Moves & Patterns Vol. 1
  • Two-Step Moves & Patterns Vol. 2
  • Two-Step Moves & Patterns Vol. 3
  • Two-Step Moves & Patterns Vol. 4
  • Two-Step Moves & Patterns Vol. 5
  • Two-Step Moves & Patterns Vol. 6
  • Two-Step Moves & Patterns Vol. 7
  • Two-Step Moves & Patterns Vol. 8


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